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The Kat-a-blog   This isn't just about Kat - but it's a blog that's been started and added to since she was born.
Kat stuff Erika stuff
She's Here!
First Month Erika 'baby' stuff
Baby Blankets
The Nursery Dad travels and
takes pictures
for Erika
Sister stuff
Names Erika's 10th
Birthday party
Kaz's Buttons Erika at
Girl Scout Camp
2008  (coming soon?)
Video  (not iPad compatible) Erika's 11th Birthday
Mah Jongg Party
Kat's Baptism Erika's 12th Birthday
Smiles (Un)lucky 13!  A Friday the 13th Birthday Party
Second through
Fifth Months
S'more birthday party, Please.  (Erika's 14th)
Learning to crawl
January, 2008
rocking chair
The Kat in the Hat
Kat's first haircut
Welcome to the
Kat Cafe
Kat's 7th Birthday Party