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Erika's 10th Birthday Party
Female suspect card hammer card library room card
Sample cards Kaz made up for the game
This is the female 'suspect' card template.
Sillouette was changed to color of name/player                                                               An easily identifiable thing from each room
(i.e. Pink for Pinkie Prescott)                                                                          was photographed and labeled with the room name
and name was put on the left side                                                                                                                                                  
of the card.                                                                                                                                                
back of cards
This was the back of each card. The black smudge is supposed to look like a fingerprint.
We did a live version and played in the rooms on our first floor.
We used "Library (living room), Dining Room, Kitchen, Nook (eating area of kitchen, though that's not what we use it for), Hallway and Family Room."
We had a die, and each of the 6 numbers corresponded to a room... so you went directly from room to room, no 'moves' to get from one place to another. But also no secret passages.
Alex querys
For weapons we had a length of PVC pipe, a water pistol, a tupperware cake knife, some rope, a brass candlestick and a play/foam hammer.
We made up 'colorful' names for each of the 14 invitees, like "Officer Orange, Yvonne Yellow, Pinkie Prescott and Lt (Lieutenant) Green" - each kid got a bandana the same color as their name.
Male card template
We also got small photo albums. The first 'page' had the suspect/room/weapon list on it. The kids put their cards in the album such that when you had a page open you could only view one card. more game play
Before the party I took a picture of the cake (hand made and decorated. It has a magnifying glass on it in icing that has part of the "H" in it from "Happy Birthday Erika") and we inserted that pic in the back of the album. cake
During the party Kaz took pictures, and when it was cake time started printing them out. There were 5 good shots that we felt were worth sharing. Unfortunately our printer figured out we had put in photo paper and went into 'super' printing mode.. we didn't get all the pics printed out before all the guests left, but they each got a picture of ALL the kids at least. everyone
Overall the game went well, someone did figure it out. It took just over an hour to play but since we had a few late arrivals it was a bit chaotic at the beginning. We could tell some of them were bored during the game; not enough action with 13 people taking turns. Live and learn - about 8 people probably would have been a better number... and perhaps 3 hours instead of 2.5. Goofy faces
Bored? Or just goofy?  :)
So the bandana, photo album, mechanical pencil and pictures were the favors.  Unique (we hope). loot/favors
It stopped raining about a half hour before the party. Kaz and Erika had just enough time to do a chalk outline of Erika on the front door, and some fun chalk things in the driveway like "Whodunnit?", "Got a CLUE?" and "Happy 10th Birthday" - which was washed away when the rain returned about 2 hours after the party.
party chalk Whodunnit? chalk fingerprinte
chalk magnifying glass chalk happy birthday whole driveway  door with chalk outline
Driveway and front door decorations
 Beginning group cake! candles
eating finishing eating opening presents!

Happy Birthday Erika, and thanks to everyone who came,
and thanks for all the great presents!