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Erika's 11th Birthday Party

3 mah jongg tiles                It's a Mah Jongg Party!                    Red dragon tile
Doug taught the kids how to play, then we had some pizza and cake, played some more and opened presents.

This was in addition to our celebration on the real day, which this year - as in the year of Erika's birth - coincided with Mother's Day.
The decorations
Erika favors light blue these days, so I used light blue streamers and blue tablecloths, tablewear and light blue and other color balloons.
Learning the game
Doug teaches everyone how to play.
The cake
The frosting dispenser gave me a bit of trouble. I am, however, very proud of the 'C-dragon' tile I made on the cake.
Cake with candles
The cake with candles.  They're supposed to look like two ones, as in "11" for Erika's eleventh birthday.
Having pizza and cake
Everyone at the table eating pizza - before the cake was brought out.
Kat enjoys a cupcake
The cake pulled apart into individual cupcakes.  Kat seemd to enjoy hers.
Back to the game!
Aerial shot of one of the 2 tables of 4.
Gang on the stairs
The whole gang on the stairs near the end of the party.