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Erika's 12th Birthday

We had a barbecue birthday for Erika this year.
5 to 8 pm 

The gang: the 'serious' pic
The whole gang, minus Cat, being serious
The gang: the 'silly' pic
The whole gang being silly (Cat not here yet)
top row: Erika, Moira, Abby
middle row:  Evette, Emily, Tristan, Anne
front row:  David, Jason, Alex, Nick, Kari, Kelly and Kat
not pictured:  Mom, Dad, Cat (late arrival) {Nick and Connie - joined late too!}
Driveway decorations
We had a "Peace sign/Tie dye" theme for the party - which started with chalk drawings on the driveway.
The drawings also helped direct people to the backyard. (see giant arrow at top right of driveway).
The birthday girl is busy checking messages on her cell phone; a 'birthday gift' bought about a month ago.
sign leading to backyard
Just in case the giant arrow wasn't enough.
Erika in backyard with the lawn games
Erika and some of the yard games and decorations we had set up.
Kat showing the deck
Kat showing off the deck - 3 cushion deck swing behind her that
somehow held 5 preteens later in the day.
The kids arrived and mingled, played some games, sat and talked..
and soon it was time for cake and presents.
Homemade devil's food cake w/vanilla icing.  Peace - tie dye theme
Followed the "Peace/Tie-Dye" theme
Devil's food and vanilla icing.
Kat helped Erika open her presents.
Kat helped Erika open her presents
Kat also helped bring each of the presents to Erika.
They make a good team.
tie dye balloon
Even the balloons (well, some of them) were tie-dye!
Kat has fun goofing around with Nick and frisbee 'hair'
Nick turns the floppy frisbee into funny hair for Kat.
The 'missing' Cat (in black) and a few others gather around the firepit.
Cat and others at the firepit
Folks gather round for marshmallow toasting at the firepit.
Mom (Kaz) and Erika smile
Birthday smiles from me/Mom/Kaz and Erika
S'more color, please!
S'more color, please?!!!  
the schedule
The day could not have happened without a strict schedule!
We all enjoyed the party and we hope the attendees did too.
Happy 12th Birthday, Erika.