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Erika's 13th Birthday

It was quite fitting that Erika's 13th birthday party was held on FRIDAY THE 13TH!
After all, it's kind of frightful to have a teenager in the house.

Birthday Party sign front yard set-up
Black balloons, scary mask, ladder to walk under to enter the garage.... check!
A trio, actually a quartet, of black cats.  
black cats - decorations
firepit after dark
Once it got dark we lit the firepit... and the games went on, despite a light drizzle.
The attendees
As best as can be done, standing: Jasmine, Erika, Tristan, Elleora, Maddie, Abby, Hannah, Moira, Gabe, Kari, David, Sarah, Jillian, Riley
Jason - sitting, Kristina, Emily, Megan, Jacqualine, Kathleen,
Kat and Medley.
Happy 13th, Erika.  We hope it wasn't an unlucky year!