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That's right, once upon a time, Erika was a baby too!
Here are the web pages I built for her then.
Hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!
Advance apologies for the few photos that got lost along the way, especially on the
one Hawaii page - maybe I'll find them someday!
Click here to see the web site in order, as it was originally displayed OR click on the individual pages below, view them in any order, at any time
1998 1999 2000 2001
just when you thought you sensed a theme... Hawaii, Spring 2002  (most of the missing pictures are on this page) Summer and Fall 2002 Christmas 2002
(a few more missing pictures)
(this duplicates the volcano trip pictures on the main Gallery page)
Spring 2003 Submarine Birthday Ball
Erika's 5th birthday Halloween 2003

A few extra Erika pages.  At the time I built her site, I was limited to the amount of space on the server. I consequently had to take down/delete pages all the time in order to update. So, here are some that survived on the hard drive.
Halloween 2001 Graduation week (Doug graduated from UNL
first time we spent a night away from Erika!)
Kidz Explore - a kind of
'all things kids' exposition in Nebraska
Some pictures in Erika's blow-up pirate pool
Santa 2001 Snoopy 2001
Spring 2001 Erika's  Big Girl Bed