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Kat's 7th Birthday

Kat's Tae Kwon Do party

Kat is an honorary black belt for her birthday Honorary Black Belt for the day! The whole gang, minus one - TKD 'class' during party
Time for some fun!  Lining up for the TKD 'class'.
Older girls take their turn  
The older party guests take their turn.
The whole gang
The whole gang:  in back, Erika, Kari, Kelly, in front, Pierce, Jessica, Samantha, Kat, Tyler and Jacob.
The Kat cuts the cake, the Kat cuts the cake...
Kat cuts the cake with a samurai sword!
The cake and the sword
Maybe I should have taken the picture BEFORE the sword was in it?!!
Kat breaks the board with a kick
Kat breaks the board with a kick.  Each of the kids got to break a board - mostly with their hands.
Erika breaks her board
The 'advanced' members of our family got to use their feet to break their boards.
Kaz breaks her board
Kaz takes a turn and breaks her board  with her hand.

Doug breaks board
Doug breaks his board, too!

Thank you!
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