setting up nursrery
Obviously a work in progress.
All this has been tranformed... if you see the notes on the next picture (kind of small) the pieces in the center (corner) have been turned into a crib and put on the right hand wall. All boxes have been moved out.
Mural Here's my idea for the nursery.
I'll paint this mural on the wall,
and then if it's a girl, we'll name
it "Katrina" and if it's a boy,
"Andrew" or "Klaus" if I continue my trend of "K" names.
This was my April Fool's joke this year, but I never sent it cause Doug thought it might not be very funny. And I had to agree.
Nursery in June (no chair)
Starting to shape up.
Empty corner is still waiting for the new chair.
Lamp is in place, and phone, with ringer
TURNED OFF is hooked up.
Nursery pic July 2006
Really shaping up now.
Refrigerator is between the NEW CHAIR and the crib, and somewhat
obviously, the NEW CHAIR has arrived!
It rocks, it swivels, it reclines!!

crib and quilt
Updated, 25 July.
Finally found a quilt hanger I liked.
july 25th arrangement
from doorway, July 25h arrangement
Jigsaw Bookcase
Check out the new bookcase!