The second Friday to Saturday train trip - the ride home.

We had a nice breakfast at our hotel, tried to get a luggage cart at around 10 am for our 11 am check-out, was told there'd be about a 25+ minute wait and decided to do it ourselves. Sure, it's nice to have a 'full-sevice' hotel with bellhop(s), but it would have been nicer if we could have just grabbed a luggage cart ourselves. 9 zillion trips to the parking garage from our room (mostly done by Doug while I stayed with Kat) later, we checked out and were on our way! We drove through moderate traffic and stopped at an Olive Garden near the train station for lunch. We then drove to the station, or rather to the line of cars waiting to approach the station. We turned off the car, and therefore the A/C, had the windows rolled down, and the heat and full tummies did their work. I took a nap during the hour or so wait before loading, interrupted only by Amtrak employees comimg to check our car in. Very efficient! They also told us we'd be leaving a little late.

Our blue car being loaded onto the train.

We picked a 5 o'clock dinner this time, and it STILL being a Friday in Lent, we all had salmon again... and it was good. Dining on the Train
A panoramic view from my seat. We got back to our room after dinner and all watched "Field of Dreams" on our DVD player. When that was over it was Erika's bedtime.
I took a nap while Doug stayed up with Kat awhile, Doug went to sleep around midnight and Kat and I followed around 1 am In the morning, we woke to SNOW!!! It was 6 am and we were right around Richmond, VA. We had breakfast and got dressed... thankfully I had packed warmish clothes for the girls, and prepared to get off the train.
This time we didn't wait quite as long for our car. The snowfall was just a dusting, at best, in our town, and was mostly gone that afternoon. However, the cold weather stuck around, truly bringing our fun in the sun trip to an end!