Wednesday at Epcot and Sick Day

We did spend a lot of time planning this trip. One of the things we really wanted to do was the Lilo and Stitch Character Breakfast at The Polynesian hotel. But when we called several weeks before our trip to make the reservations, it was full. We were disappointed, but made reservations for the Royal Norway dinner (see Sunday) and the Crystal Palace Pooh lunch (see Thursday) instead.

After meeting up with our friends, however, we wanted to try to include them in that lunch. We called and got no love - they wouldn't/couldn't even squeeze in ONE - Erika's new best friend, Kaitlyn.

"Can I help you with anything else?" the kind reservation chick asked. Doug and she had already 'connected' earlier in the phonecall when they discovered they'd each lived in Hawaii previously.

"Well, are there any "Lilo and Stitch Breakfast" cancellations?

There was ONE table open, Wednesday morning, at 7:45. Ugh. If you don't know me well, Let me tell you, I am NOT a morning person. But I told Doug, with no small amount of enthusiasm, "Take it!"

So Wednesday morning we woke up around 6 am (double ugh) and the next few hours did little to enamor me of mornings.

We were going to leave for Epcot right after breakfast and so had done all the prep for that the night before: packed the diaper bag and 'extra' knapsack, laid out clothes, etc.

We all took showers and then I woke Kat to feed and dress her before leaving... and somewhat out of the blue Kat was SSSOOO congested she could hardly nurse. Otherwise she was fine, but her nose just kept running and running. No fever, good spirits, no other symptoms... so we dressed in our matching aloha-wear and headed for breakfast.

As previously mentioned, it was about a 15 minute walk to The Polynesian from Shades of Green. And it was a few minutes after 7 when we left. And we had to stop to wipe Kat's nose every few minutes. (Poor Sweetie!). And on one of these stops, Doug looked at me and said "Where is your aloha shirt?"

Ooooh CRAP! I had on my white nursing shirt and I had planned to put the button-up aloha shirt on over it before we left... and for various reasons I neglected to pick it up and put it on before we left.

I've also not previously shared with you that our room was FAR from the lobby. We were on the 4th of 5 floors, and only 4 other rooms were further from the elevator. !!

I ran back to the room, grabbed the shirt, ran back downstairs, and eventually caught up to Doug and the girls. We were cutting it too close to our reservation time, and to top off the discomfort of the morning I was now hot and sweaty and breathing heavily. Erika kept asking me, "Mommy, are you alright?"


We arrived, more or less on time, had a family photo taken (such a bargain, 'only' $29.95, all major credit cards accepted, and No, this isn't included in your Disney Photopass!) and were seated for breakfast.

Things continued to go wrong as we were seated at a teeny tiny table. It would have fit 2 comfortably, 3 a little snugly, but the 4 of us just didn't have enough room, especially since the meal was served Family Style, with large (hot) dishes that we had to keep away from Kat. As we were struggling to serve and feed everyone, Kat got hold of her food and dumped it... on her, on me, on our backpack and the floor.

Man, I just love mornings!

It also didn't help that our server was less than stellar.

The character portion of the meal was the only part that went well... that and as much POG juice as we could drink!! Boy, I miss POG from Hawaii.

with Pluto

Kat honks Pluto's nose.

After Mickey cheered me up, Kat and I headed back to the hotel. Her congestion was bad enough I didn't think she'd really be up to another long day in the carrier, and since one of us is often alone with her and can't reach her in the carrier behind us to wipe her nose, it was just going to be icky. And after having gotten up so early, I wasn't exactly rarin' to go go go all day either.

As I walked out of The Polynesian, I noticed I'd forgotten my sunglasses at breakfast. I called Doug, as the monorail station was nearer to the restaurant than I was, and he found and retrieved them. Hurray!

Erika somehow knew to ask to ride in the front/driver's car of the monorail... and the answer was "Yes!" Epcot was getting ready for a Garden show while we were there. Disney always has amazing plants and topiarys anyway. Here's Erika with Lion King landscaping.
After we left Kaz behind, Erika and I got on the monorail to the transportation center and then a second monorail to EPCOT.  It was a gray/rainy day, and we got rained on a couple of times, but enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Once we got to EPCOT, we did Mission Space again, and Erika got to be Pilot again.  She really enjoyed herself and was sufficiently enthisiastic to make up for the other two in our cockpit, who weren't.
During our day, we took pictures with our photo pass several times through out the park, and Kaz was able to view them pretty much immediately on the Internet, which let her track our progress.
Erika and Peter Pan
After Mission Space, we went to Soarin, a ride I knew nothing about, but which everyone seemed to have good things to say about.  We got our fast passes at about 9:30 and they were for 3:45 that afternoon.  We then walked around the lagoon through all of the country pavilions.  We stopped for several character pictures, check out us and a special English Nanny.
Erika and Mary Poppins
Doug amd Mary Poppins

We also got to meet Chip and Dale, Pooh and his friends, and tried to find Alice, but she seemed to be lost in Wonderland the entire time we were at WDW.
Doug and Chip               Erika and Dale
Erika visits with the Pooh crowd at Epcot. Kat and I during our restful day in the hotel. As you can see we both perked up by taking some time off. Doug and Erika returned to our hotel so we could all eat dinner together, and then we all went together back to Epcot just to see "Illuminations" We drove, as the walk to the monorail was judged 'too much' for Kat and I. This worked out well, and we debated using the stroller instead of the backpack carrier. We stuck with the backpack, which affords Kat a much better view of everything. We staked out a good spot and let me tell you, the show was jaw-dropping!
When Illuminations was over the park was closing. We were about 1/4 of the way around the lagoon from the entrance, and chose to walk the long way around. By the time we got to the ½ way point near The American Pavilion, the crowd had thinned significantly and we enjoyed a nearly empty park once again. We were even offered a FREE turkey leg from one of the vendors closing up, but declined. We got back to the hotel and once again started preparing for the next day, our last day in the parks.

Read all about our last day in the parks, Thursday.