Sunday at Epcot

Although we'd had a very full day on Saturday, Kat didn't go to sleep until 3 am. Both Doug and Erika fell asleep before then, and awoke early, ready and rarin' to go. They went off to breakfast and returned with a lovely selection of fruit, cereal, muffin and yogurt for me.
Many of you know that our license plate is IMACRAB, when I checked in the previous day, I had to give my license plate to the hotel and it turned out the woman in the line next to me had CRABBY for her license plate.  We joked about that, and wound up seeing her several times during our vacation.
Then off to Epcot! We had reservations for a Character Dinner at Epcot that night, so it seemed the Park to visit that day. We of course started off with Spaceship Earth. The line wasn't too bad and we got our first taste of the splash Kat made in her backpack carrier. It's a Kelty Pathfinder complete with sun/rain cover, which looks pretty unique. Everywhere we went it got attention. You'll see it in virtually all our pictures! Anyway, as we stood in line and wound past tons of people, most of them smiled, cooed at Kat, pointed and commented on the carrier. We went on the ride and Kat DID NOT like the dark parts.
Erika with Tinkerbell
After the ride, we headed off to Innoventions, where Erika and Doug teamed up, built and raced (and won!) a virtual robot, and then Erika got to build and keep a small plastic robot. Neat! We wandered a bit more through FutureWorld and found "Mission Space" a ride that was definitely not for Kat. We got Fast Passes for Doug and Erika and continued on.

Before we knew it, it was lunchtime. We headed over to the UK pavilion, and had short wait before sitting down to lunch at the Rose and Crown.
While we waited for lunch, we watched part of a wonderful audience participation play on the search for the Holy Grail.  It was street art at its best and we enjoyed it immensely.
Lunch was good, and the English accents in the room were almost overpowering.  We noticed a lot of the patrons seemed to have them also.

After lunch, I headed over to the Baby Center to take care of Kat, while Doug and Erika did Mission Space.
Erika and I had fast passes to go to Mission Space, but when we arrived, the regular line for the non spinning version of the ride was shorter than the fast pass line, so we skipped fast pass and just went into the ride.  I had decided when we got the passes that the non spinning ride was the one for me, and Erika grudgingly agreed with her old dad.  Erika was the Pilot for our spaceship, and I was the Navigator, something I have a little bit of experience at.  All four crew members were assigned tasks by Gary Sinise, our Ground Side Commander.  Erika and I had a great time piloting a space ship to Mars and landing it relatively successfully.
We all finished up about the same time and met up, went to see "Figment" and got our first big souvenir, one of those clear blocks with our photo lasered inside.

Doug then stayed with Kat while Erika and I did "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" (fun, but Erika didn't like it all that much, the sensation of mice running over her quelled her fascination with the 3-D, but to her credit, she stuck it out although she asked me several times to leave). When we got out we got to meet Figment for real!  Kat had fallen asleep by this time, and she managed to nap quite well in the carrier, if not terribly comfortably.
Erika and Figment go to dance for a bit, but I did not relize what they were doing and got no picture of it.  Figment then opened the door for us with his head to let us out, which got a laugh from Erika and smiles from all.

Doug and Erika then did the Maelstrom, the flume ride in Norway (that I got to help calibrate when it was being built 19 years ago!) while Kat and I visited the Baby Center again. After we met up again, we headed back to a store where Erika showed me something she wanted to get.

It was an "Alice (in Wonderland)" dress, and I said yes. She wanted to wear it to our Royal Princess dinner that night. We quick changed her into it, and though we were missing a black headband and shoes, we thought she looked adorable.

Dinner was yummy, we had a great waiter, and Erika (and Kat!) really enjoyed meeting all the Disney Princesses that were there.

Erika and Cinderella

Kat and Cinderella

Uh, Kat? Eyes up.


Kat, are you hungry or something?


Kat and Belle

Belle from Beauty and the Beast
Erika and Ariel

Ariel from the Little Mermaid
Although we had an 8:20 reservation, we were seated late, and didn't have a PRAYER of seeing "Illuminations" that night at 9. However, we were seated near a window, and although it had slightly opaque/wavy glass (like a shower door), we did see light from the fireworks, but nothing specific. They were long over by the time we finished dinner.
The good news is, everyone left after the fireworks, the park was 'closed', and we walked out with very few people around. It was so cool to be there when it's empty! We stopped at "MouseGear" on the way out to get our laser picture, and let me tell you, that store is FANTASTIC! Our favorite part, I think, was the 'Mr Potato Head' bin with all kinds of parts, from Mickey/Minnie ears to Buzz Lightyear shoes and Cruella DeVille arms. Hysterical! It being our first night, and having already spent $$$ on the laser photo, I managed to exit the store without buying anything. Too much to choose from and too easy to bust the budget! We got back to the hotel, and since Kat only sort of Katnapped 2ce in the carrier (how comfortable could that be?), she went to sleep before 3 am. NICE!

And then we did it all over again!


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