Tuesday at Blizzard Beach and Fantasia Golf

Monday and Tuesday both were forecast as the hottest days for the time we were in FL. Monday definitely lived up to that forecast and Tuesday looked to be more of the same. So we decided to go to one of the two waterparks. After much debate, we picked "Blizzard Beach" over "Typhoon Lagoon" - and we made arrangements to meet Rich and Dawn and kids there too!

After eating breakfast at the hotel and getting us all in appropriate bathing suits, sunscreen, hats, etc and gathering up all our towels, toys (not allowed), extra sunscreen and all that, we headed for the waterpark. Dawn and Rich had arrived about a half hour earlier and called us to set up a meeting place before putting their cell phones away in a locker. We pulled into the parking lot just as they were putting out signs saying the waterpark had hit capacity and they weren't letting anyone else in until 2 pm.

Aaaaaaawwwwww! We called Dawn and Rich but they had already put their phone away. We left a message and formulated a Plan B. We had purchased tickets for mini-golf along with our Park tickets, so we found Fantasia Gardens, near the Swan and Dolphin hotel complex and killed some time there. As with everything Disney, it was well done. We had the choice of an 'easy' course or a 'hard' one, and picked easy. The whole thing had a 'Fantasia' theme.

Gotta love that cool rashguard suit!

Doug had a bit of a handicap!

Having our bathing suits on was somewhat helpful as the last hole squirted water at us!

Hole 6 at Fantasia Gardens minigolf

Each hole had a poem 'scored', like this one.

Snowflakes were a welcome sight on such a hot day, although this one spun and you had to try to shoot your ball through the created hole in the middle bottom.

After golf we went to Downtown Disney for lunch. We didn't have too much time before it would be 2 pm and we could try to get into Blizzard Beach again, so we looked for a counter-type place instead of a sit-down-with-waiter/waitress place. We skipped everything else in Downtown Disney, including the great Lego store. We had some sandwiches and Kat gobbled down her peas and rice cereal, which then stayed on her face all day as we neglected to bring something handy to properly wipe her face. And besides, we didn't want to take off her sunscreen either!

We *did* get into Blizzard Beach, and met up with our friends right away. We found a spot in the kiddie section, and I settled there with Kat while everyone went off for 'big kid' adventures! I thought they'd be back soon, but when Kat didn't like sitting in the water and I didn't see anyone, we went for our own adventure in the calm tube ride (we called it The Lazy River, but Blizzard Beach calls it Cross Country Creek).

Doug and Kat enjoy Cross Country Creek
Doug and Kat enjoy Cross Country Creek

Doug Kat and Kaz on the 'lazy river'

by the kiddie waterfall at end of day
By the time we finished that the Gang was back and we did a coordinated attack on the Park. Rich stayed with Kat so I could go with everyone on Teamboat Springs (a most awesome ride that you see in the commercials sometimes, one large round 'raft' that fits 6 and rides like a regular tube slide... only much better! Hard to describe but easy to love.
I took Kat back after 2 times on Teamboat Springs and they all hit a waterslide 'race' together. It was fun to watch!  Doug won the race, I just had to say that.  Nyahh Nyahh Buck!

We were all having so much fun that Rich and Dawn cancelled their original dinner plans and stayed with us in the park til it closed at 5 (or was it 6?). They later joined us at our hotel for a late dinner (while I also did laundry) and our family reluctantly turned down an invitation to visit their hotel, The Animal Kingdom resort. It must have been near 10 when Doug drove them back to their hotel and I finished up our laundry and got Erika to bed. Our busy days wound up helping Kat get to bed earlier than 3 am most nights, which was very nice for me.

The 'backyard' of our hotel, Shades of Green

The back of the main building at Shades of Green. There's a fireplace outside on the second floor balcony!

The front of Shades of Green; pond, waterfalls, flags and main building in background.
Other guests told me they saw an alligator sunning himself next to this pond.

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