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Dutch Ohana
September 2006 through early January 2007
Just a few shots from each month, showing her growing
and having fun with the family.

Giraffe outfit sleeping on Dad
<Kat sleeping on Daddy

Bundled up>
in Kat's
Jeep stroller
to pick up
Erika from
In Jeep stroller, bundled for Erika pickup
Mom and Kat
< I think Kat is sticking
her tongue out at

Daddy and Kat>
take a nap in
the same
more dad sleeping
Kat's first balloon
< Erika and Kat
enjoy Kat's first

Dad? Really.. >
What are you
doing to me?
a ride on Daddy's shoulders
cake at party
<Adorable inflatable
cake decoration
at Doug's office's
baby shower for Kat

At the Metro>
after the party.
Phew! What a
fun but tiring gig
metro ride from party
Halloween outfit
<One of many
Halloween outfits

Kat asleep in her  >
papasan swing,
covered in a
beautiful blanket
made for Kat's mommy
by Mommy's grandmother
sleeping in swing with Mom's blanket
Exersaucer fun
Exersaucer fun!
exersaucer top view
black and white shot with Daddy
< Sleeping with Dad
I'm sensing a theme here

Our little Turkey  >
Our little turkey
with paternal cousins

Erika, "Boots" her homework cat from school,
Emily, Maggie, Kat and Sullivan.
All cousins.
Big/Lil sis
< Kat almost able
to sit up with her
big sister

Mom gets some >
floor time with Kat
with Mommy
In pink leopard winter suit
< Kat's winter suit.
We call it her pink
leopard skin, even
though it looks
nothing like a
leopard skin

Kat bundled in >
Erika's baby
winter suit.
in Erika's pink winter suit
purple jammies
Kat, Pooh...
Pooh, Kat

(Oprah, Uma...
Uma, Oprah)
purple jammies with Pooh
Red Sox outfit
And I'll leave you with a picture to make her
Daddy's heart smile...
Kat in a Red Sox outfit.
This was also Erika's.