It's a Girl!

Kathleen Victoria was born 03 August 2006 at 11:44 AM
She was 20 3/4 inches long and weighed 8 pounds 4.9 ounces
Kaz and Kat are both doing fine.
Stop by for more pictures and updates, we will be posting stuff periodically.

Kat's Face <
This is Kat
Shortly after she was born

This is Kat being weighed
Tipping the scales
Warming Table
Kat on a warming table First Diaper!!!
She filled it with black poop shortly after this

These long things fit in this hole, I wonder where else they go?
Fingers!  What are they?
First Bath
Her first Bath.

Practicing her superhero pose
Cutie Pi
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping  -   What?
Babies Sleep?

Kaz meets Kat for the first real time
Meet the Mom
Mom and Kat
Kaz and Kat in the recovery room.  There she goes sleeping again.

I just need some bunnies to watch over me.
Some Bunnies
Erika meets her sister.

Kat and Dad spend some quality (burping) time.
Dad and Kat
Car Seat Fitting
Getting fitted in her carseat. Her favorite part of the day

In her car seat for the ride home.
Car Seat

03 August in History
Born on This date
Happened on this date
In 1900 - John Scopes, He of Monkey Trial fame,
who never actually taught evolution, but whose name
is linked with the ascendance of science over superstition.

In 1926 - Tony Bennett, Wonderful voice, Maybe that is
why Kat's crying is so melodious

In 1940 - Martin Sheen, He is not the President, but he
played one on TV

In 1941 - Martha Stewart
In 1492 - Christopher Columbus began his voyage of Discovery,
eventually reaching the New World, although he did not recognize it.

In 1923 - Calvin Coolidge is sworn in as President of the US by his
father, a notary public.

In 1958 - USS Nautilus, the first nuclear powered vessel in the world,
reaches 90 degrees north, the North Pole