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The Kat in the Hat(s)
Various pictures of Kat wearing hats. She really seems to like hats.
She goes around our house (since about 16 months old) and picks up hats and puts them on.
She seems to think this is great fun, and we enjoy this 'game' that she has made up.
Before that, it was us putting the hats on her, and she has hardly ever minded.

Kat, "The Little Sister"
Oops, I forgot to fix the red eye in this one!
The hat says "Sweetie" on it.
Kat the turkey
Our little turkey. Her (first) Thanksgiving hat.
Ani knit hat
This hat was knit for Erika, and looked great on both girls!
There's a blanket that matches it too.
First Christmas
This one says 'Baby's 1st Christmas'
bundled up for a winter hike
Bundled up for a winter hike. That's a frozen river behind Kat.
First sled ride
Getting ready for her first sled ride!
reindeer blanket
Not so much a hat as it is a hooded blanket. Doug, Kat and I
all like the hooded towels too!  This blanket has a reindeer hood.
pink hood
Once again, it's really a hood, not a hat.
hood at Disney
Enjoying a reprieve from the Florida sun in her Coolibar hooded suit.
Memorial Day at the M's pool
Taking a Memorial Day swim (2007) at our friends' pool.
Speedo makes the hat, so it's OK to get wet, it's swimsuit material.
A napkin makes a fine babushka at Shenendoah National Park.
witch hat
Kat in a halloween hat.
amish hat
Kat tries an Amish look.
Wild West Kat
Thinking about going to the Wild Wild West.
Cheshire Kat hat
Kat in her Cheshire Cat hat - her Halloween (2007) costume.
Kat in Doug's Boston Red Sox hat.
Kat Who?
Kat trying to fit into Whoville, perhaps?
winter 2008
Kat's favorite hat in winter, 2008.  It used to be Erika's.
July 09
Missing her sister - picking up Erika from Girl Scout Camp 2009
Strawberry Shortcake hat that used to be Erika's.
Butterfly tiara and wand - birthday girl!
Birthday Butterfly Tiara and Wand 2009
Another hood - snowstorm Feb 2010
Bundled up for February 2010 snowstorm
It's the Easter Kat
Two, two, two hats in one.  Well, two hats in one picture.
It's the Easter Kat? 2010
Beach hat and bathing suit
Beach hat and bathing suit - ready for surf and sun!  2011
The birthday hat
Happy Birthday to Kat!  2011
off to school in a pink hat
First Day of School!  Kindergarten 2011
Christmas hairband
Again, not a hat - really a hairband - but still something on her head.
Dec 2011
On Rattler
Safety first!  Riding Rattler 2012
Fireman Kat
Feb 2013   Va Beach Children's Museum
Kat in a Cat hat
Kentuck Knob Sculpture Garden Cat/Kat 2013
NASA hat Kat
Carnegie Science Museum, Spring 2013
Thunder Kat
T-ball Spring 2013
Tan sun hat
Tan Sun Hat 2013
stealing Mom's hat... and heart
Hiking while camping, Summer 2013   - Mom's hat