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Here are two pictures Erika drew for her sister, Kathleen.
We found them when we came home from the hospital;
one was on the stair banister right near the front door,
the other was right outside the nursery.
On the back of each it says "From Big Sister Erika"
Go Kathleen
welcome to the world

sis in hospital
Erika first meets Kat in the hospital.
sis in red chair
Erika gets a little more comfortable, at home, holding Kat..
The proud big sister in her new shirt.

bath pic
Dont know if this
was Erika's 'first'
bath picture,
but close enough.

Erika TOOK this
First Bath picture
of Kathleen
cuddle with eri

Cuddle time
with Dad.

Kat -->
erika in cradle
It's true!
Erika did
sleep in her
And Aslan
watches over both girls.
erika in train pjs
Erika and
Kat in
the same
Kat in trin pj's
Erika in exersaucer
<- Erika in her exersaucer

Kat ->
in her exersaucer.
Kat in exersaucer
Erika star
Our two
Kat in the star fleece
Super Eri!

Erika on left


Kat on right
Super Kat sitting
Erika baptism
The girls
on Mom's shoulder
at their
Erika on left,
Kat on right.
Kat shoulder

Erika's bed
Erika's bed
Erika's bed
Erika's bed

Kat gets to visit Erika's
top bunk.
As you can see,
Erika is still in love
and totally willing to share
with her little sister.
Erika's bed

e, k and the blue chair
Erika plays with Kat in the ubiquitous blue baby chair.
sis with face paint
After 'Kid's Night' with face painting at a local diner.
Erika and Kat play with the new Mega Exersaucer!
More fun with the Exersaucer. Kat's almost 11 weeks here.
The Snow Sisters
The Snow Sisters!
grape and Eri
Our Grape Baby and Super Erika.
at Erika's school party
A "Santa Baby" and "Santa's helper".
Erika holding Kat
Erika lovingly holding Kat.
matching bears and PJs
In their Big Sis/Lil Sis shirts
In their "I'm the Big Sister/Little Sister" t-shirts.
and look! Kat's almost sitting up on her own!!

diaper change in January
Erika attempts a diaper change. Now *that's* LOVE!
Erika pull Kat in snow sled
Kat gets pulled through the snow by Erika in February, 2007
Kat, Mom and Erika on Chesapeake
Kat in the 'old' backpack carrier that was Erika,
with Kaz and Erika on the shores of the
frozen Chesapeake.
glider in March 2007
Kat and Erika snuggle in the blue glider rocker.
March 2007                     

Erika and Kat on the stairs
in our house in VA
May 2007 Erika and Kat on the stairs in VA
Kat 'helps' Erika with her homework
Erika multitasks; homework and big-sistering.
Sept 2007
Matching PJ's
Another set of matching PJ's.  Awww!  Oct 2007
Swing your partner by the .... foot?
Kat enjoys swinging... with Erika or anybody.
Credit: N. W.   Fall 2008 in the tree
Fall 2008  photo credit N.W.
Sleeping in a hotel bed
August 2009   4 years later Kat *STILL* does this to Erika every
time we stay in a hotel.
Big Snow Storm Fun!
February 2010  
Photo credit N.W.
    Camping in the Adirondacks 2010
                  Adirondack Museum - 2010
red dresses December 2011
December 2011
Easter 2012 Erika and Kat
Easter 2012
Kentuck Knob sculpture garden 2013
Kentuck Knob (Frank Lloyd Wright House in PA) Sculpture Garden - Spring Break 2013

 More sister stuff to come! Check back soon.