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Smiles, everyone, smiles!

I started this page when Kat was about 6 weeks old.
At that time her smile was fleeting and hard to catch on film.
Her smiles are getting longer, brighter and easier to photograph. As she gets older I'll try to include her 'best' ones.

A hooded towel cutie.

Erika plays with the hooded towel cute, hoping for a smile.

There's a tiny smile!

Erika tries again for a smile during 'floor time'.

Kat watches Erika.

Closeup of Kat, almost smiling.

There we go. Small smile.

Kat and her ducky watch Erika.

Erika leans in, trying hard for the smile.

There we go!

A new day. A new frowny-face.

Not for long! 

A goofy grin

Who me? I don't smile!

Really, I don't smile.

OK, you're right, I smile.

A cute grin.

A flowery smile.

A fun smile in Kat's papasan swing.

A grapey smile
Our grape-y girl smiles.

peekaboo car seat
Peekaboo, I'm smiling at you!

in car seat
<-- Closer in.

A smile on Dad's shoulder.

sticking out tongue

Now I'm going to make you smile!

In the middle of a sneeze!
Are you smiling yet?

Bright eyes
OK, my turn.

water bottle smile
Smiling with a
water bottle.

Carrot-y smile

A carrot smile.

Mom and Kat smile in winter
Mommy and Kat smile