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Kaz and Kat on 12 Aug
I want to show you a video of this sweet baby! Click here
to see Kat in her brand new swing.  Clip is about 1 minute long.
new stroller
Here is Kat in her new stroller. Click here
to see a video of her waking up in her crib. About 1.5 min.
A picture of  Kat sleeping. Click here
for a video of her sleeping.  About 45 seconds long.
baby chair with vibrate
Want to see Kat enjoying this new chair? Click here.
About 1 min, 15 seconds.
going to sleep
This might have the best lighting. Click here to watch Kat
settle down to sleep. You get to see her smile about 22 seconds in!  Approx 1 min, 14 sec. total.
Here I am in my other swing. Click here for the video.
About 1 min, 20 seconds. I'm 3 weeks old here!
Kat in her red sled, Feb '07
Kat having her first sled ride, click here.
Kat in her outdoor swing
Kat enjoying her new outdoor swing.  Sept 2007  
approx 35 seconds - don't forget your sound, you
can hear her 'ooooo'!
Kat, reading "Faithful"
Kat climbs onto the kid couch and starts reading "Faithful", a book about the 2004 Championship Red Sox.
approx 53_ seconds