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Trip to Kauai
waterfall on Kauai
Powerful waterfall on
Eastern side of Kauai
I regret we have no pictures from our Tubing Adventure...
but I highly recommend it.
If you are in the military, contact your local ITT office for discount tickets!
or maybe
Google/search 'Kauai tubing' if all else fails.
Doug and Erika and waterfall
Overlooking the falls.
roosters roosters everywhere
They're everywhere on Kauai...
including under our cabin.
And they don't only crow
at daybreak.
Our cabin front
Our cabin at PMRF
Hale Lani
(Hale means 'home' in Hawaiian)
The view from our cabin
across the road through 2
other cabins,
out to the ocean.
down the street
The other cabins down our street.
Perhaps not beautiful,
but the location (and price)
are hard to beat!
view from restaurant
The base had one small
but very good
restaurant called
Their web site describes it like this:
"This hub at PMRF offers great food, catering, Single Sailor activities and more.... Come and relax at the open deck, complete with a spectacular view of the Pacific ocean"

This is the view from it's deck.
If you walked to the right
a few miles, you would
get to our cabin.

first BLT
Erika finishes
(bacon, lettuce and tomato)

She later learns to add an 'A"
(BLTA - with avocado!)
for an even yummier treat!
Happy at Shenanigans
Concentrating on lunch.

Erika also had her first
clam chowder on
and has been a huge fan ever since.
sunset from Shenanigans
Sunset view from
Shenanigans' deck.
Unfortunately the beach was closed
every night,
so no moonlight/starlight strolls.
road to Waimea
That blue-grey 'lump' on the horizon
is really another island.
It's called Ni'ihau.
Only Native Hawaiians live there
and you may only go there
if you are invited.
This second link is for a tour company.
I never used it, I'm not recommending it,
I'm just including it for information.
lower canyon Erika and Doug overlooking
the lower portions of
Waimea Canyon.
more canyon
More views of
Waimea Canyon
upper canyon
Scene visible on the way to
the overlooks for
the upper canyon.

Waimea canyon
More canyon shots ahead.
The combination of rock
and vegetation
made the views
quite beautiful.
See the waterfall near
the center of the picture?
even more canyon
A river runs through it.
Zoomed in.
Kaz and Erika at Waimea Canyon overlook
Waterfalls, hats
and front teeth growing in...
what more could you want?
upper canyon

"Waimea Canyon

Nicknamed the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific" by author Mark Twain, Waimea Canyon is one of Kauai's natural wonders with canyons eroded by water, wind and rain. Waimea Canyon is the largest canyon in the Pacific measuring 10 miles long, 2 mile wide and over 3,500 feet deep. Like the Grand Canyon, the lines along the canyon's walls indicate the different volcanic eruptions and lava flows that have occurred over the centuries."

spectacular views of Waimea Canyon
The variations of colors
in the rock
just astounded me.
Plus, I just love waterfalls.
Did someone say
Speaking of variations of color...
this rooster was in the parking lot
at Waimea Canyon.
I'm not kidding when I tell you
the roosters are ALL OVER
the island.
sign pic
One of the uppermost points
along Waimea Canyon.

"The summit of Mount Wai‘ale‘ale
 - which translates as "rippling or overflowing water" - is among the wettest spots in the world with an average rainfall of 485 inches per year. By contrast, the average rainfall at Po‘ipu Beach is 35 inches per year."
Again.... colors!
I don't know what this plant is called,
but we call it 'the rainbow flower'.
Almost done with our
canyon trip!
another sign
No admittance beyond this point!
red rock and soil
A small waterfall.
The red volcanic soil is
famous in Hawaii.
Some enterprising people use it
to dye T-shirts!
If you live there (and especially if you have kids)
you don't need to BUY these shirts.
hee hee!
1500 ft and counting
This green sign was quite far
DOWN the mountain road
along Waimea Canyon.
1500 ft!
Children's Discover Center, Kauai
  Erika and Kaz spacewalk around
the Kauai Children's Discovery Museum.

Now's probably a good time to mention
"keiki" (kay-kee)
is the Hawaiian word for child.
Kaz is a big fan of lighthouses,
so we had to go visit this one.
Kilauea Lighthouse
on the northern shore of Kauai.
Not far from the beaches
where some scenes from the movie
"South Pacific"  were shot!
bird covered hillside
Those white dots on the hillside
are not flowers...
they're BIRDS!
This hillside is seen from the grounds
of the lighthouse.
closeup of the Kileaua Lighthouse
Shot of the lighthouse.
I don't know any of the people
in the shot.
another shot of the lighthouse Kaz and Erika at the doorway to the lighthouse.
Unfortunately we couldn't go up to the top.

"Located on Kauai's northern end, Kilauea Lighthouse has the world's largest clamshell lens. Built in 1913, the lighthouse was in use until 1976 sending a beacon 90 miles out to sea. Adjacent to the lighthouse is the Kilauea Point Wildlife Refuge, a 200-acre nesting refuge for albatross, frigate birds, red and white tropical birds and red-footed boobies."

more rainbow flower
a slightly better shot of
'the rainbow flower'
on the grounds of the lighthouse.

While there, we also saw whales,
but didn't get a shot worth sharing;
they were pretty far offshore.
The rare state bird:
The Hawaiian Nene (Goose)
dramatic sunset
A dramatic sunset
as seen from our cabin
with Ni'ihau in the background.

The red at the very bottom of the picture
is a reflection in car taillights,
and the bright white near the center is a
reflective warning sign at the edge
of the beach.
A peacock in the parking lot
at the Fern Grotto.
Photographer Erika
Erika was maybe 5 when she took this picture?
It's on the tour boat on the way to
The Fern Grotto.
Fern Grotto
The Fern Grotto:
site of many weddings.

"Take a fun and informative boat ride up Kauai's Wailua River to get to Kauai's oldest and most popular visitor attraction, Fern Grotto. The grotto is an unusual cave-like rock formation filled with giant cascading maidenhair fern."

us 3 at The Fern Grotto
A nice family portrait
at The Fern Grotto.
Spouting Horn
Spouting Horn Blowhole
on the island's south shore.
monk seal
Near Spouting Horn Blowhole
we saw this...
a monk seal.
Very rare, much of the beach
was roped off, to keep people
from spooking the seal.
While he looks beached in this shot,
I assure you, he seemed to be enjoying his
relaxing time on the beach.
bag kite
Sometimes, as an only child,
Erika has to make up her own entertainment.
Kaz may have helped with this one a bit,
but Erika enjoyed her 'bag kite'
(made with Wal-Mart plastic bag and a jump rope)
very much.
Run like the wind!
Erika had a friend at school
named "Mariko" so we
had to take this picture
and give her a copy when we got back home.
colorful lobster
Canyons, sunsets, flowers...
even the lobsters
are colorful around here!
outdoor movie theater
Slightly better (?) than M*A*S*H* ?
The movie theater at PMRF.
On the nights we were around AND they
were playing a movie, it rained, so we didn't
get to enjoy this firsthand.
Looks fun, though!
a footbridge
The Swinging Foot Bridge
over the Hanapepe River
just off Highway 50
on the southern part of Kauai.
narrow bridge over Hanapepe River
Looks narrow, doesn't it?
Was rebuilt in 1992 after
a hurricane.
Erika gets some playtime
at PMRF.
peek a boo!
In a lion's (?) mouth!
Of course, Erika also looks
pretty fierce with those
vampire teeth.
Erika climbs the 'rock' wall.
Waimea Brewery
Doug and Erika outside the
Waimea Brewing Company.
EXCELLENT chowder served here.
We're not beer drinkers, so I can't
comment on the 'brew' part of this restaurant.
There was an adjacent lodging which
looked very nice.
western beach
Polihale State Park

Remote drive on dirt road through abandoned (?)
overgrown sugar cane fields.
Worth the trip, though. Extremely scenic beach
that goes on forever.
Many sites warn not to swim here, especially in the winter.
Polihale State Park
Floppy Flyer Fun
at Polihale State Park.
view down the beach
View down the beach at
Polihale State Park,
towards the NaPali cliffs/coast.
Doug and Erika at Polihale State Park/Beach
Doug and Erika brave the hot sand.
Sometimes shoes were a necessity,
at least for us 'haoles'.
Erika sleeps
Erika sleeps in our cabin.
Yes, those are footy pajamas.
No, I can't tell you why she
wore them in Hawaii. But she did.

(And this cabin had no air conditioning, only ceiling fans. Which was fine most of the time.)
The church we attended
while on Kauai.
They presented us with very
nice yarn lei.
church sign Not only did we visit the
westernmost brew pub,
but also the westernmost
Catholic Church
in the US!
That's all, folks!