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Our trip to Lanai
airport whale
Artistic whale sculpture at Lanai Airport,
Similar the the cows and other forms done in other cities.
Erika at the airport
We took this trip around Easter time,
so Erika wore her bunny ears fairly often.
our room
Our room at Koele Lodge, shortly after arrival.
We were greeted with plumeria lei and a private tour. Wow!
our lanai
Our lovely little lanai (porch).
view from lanai
The view from our lanai.
The big square was/is some sort of playing field,
and there is a path that makes an arc from the left edge of this picture
back behind the stand of light colored tree trunks and wraps around the back of the building - a beautiful Garden Walk.
closer view
A closer shot, looking at the stand of trees.
more room
The window seat in our room. Doubled as Erika's bed.
The lobby/great room. One of two fireplaces.
statue on grounds
One of many beautiful statues on the ground of the Koele Lodge.
statue and walkway
An attempt to give you a different perspective on the
'whole' view. Everywhere you walked there was
something else to see, and both the pieces and the
overall whole were grand.
I'm not much of a gardener myself, but I sure enjoy other people's flowers!
That girl's got attitude!
The Koele Lodge pool - just above the center of the picture,
slightly to the right, is one of TWO jacuzzis.
Erika got to try her first jacuzzi and LOVED it.
The Lodge had a greenhouse FULL of orchids.
Enjoy them in the next couple of shots.
close-up of orchid
more orchids
not orchids
More beautiful flowers.
soothing waterfall
Try clicking on this picture to see a 30 second clip of
this waterfall in action.
Sorry the sound quality isn't very good!
different waterfall
mini golf
Kaz and Erika on the 'mini' golf course!
more mini golf view
Wider view of the so called mini golf course.
Um, excuse me, there's a dragon on the course!?!
more flowers
More flora.
Erika bunny at sister resort
Erika bunny at Koele Lodge's sister resort on the water,
Four Seasons Resort Lana'i at Manele Bay
manele bay view
View through Manele Bay lobby out toward pool and ocean.
Manele Bay lobby/great room.
Both the Manele Bay and Koele Lodge have SPECTACULAR chandeliers.
Unfortunately most of my photos don't do them justice.
Manele pool
The pool area at Manele Bay.
Us 3 in our room
Doug, Erika and me (Kaz) in our room at Koele Lodge.
Let me tell you, this place was POSH!
more of our room
The turn down service made this bed for Erika
in the window seat. Adorable!
Yum. Chocolate on our pillows!
overlooking lobby
Back at Koele Lodge, overlooking the lobby.
the porch/walkway
One of my favorite spots at Koele Lodge...
the walkway between the main building and the rooms.
A very inviting spot to just sit and read and relax.
walkway from the lawn
View of the walkway and main building from the front lawn.
more long views
Walkway from the back of the walkway toward the grounds/pool/etc.
back of Lodge
The lodging part of the Lodge.
Banyan tree, or some relative of a banyan.
From Garden Walk toward our lodging building.
Bird of Paradise
Nice example of the Bird of Paradise plant.
even more flowers
Buddah in with colorful ginger.
More ginger.
Scenic place, isn't it?
banana tree
Looking up at a banana tree plant.
banana trees!
a stand of banana trees.
long view
Koele Lodge grounds.
Even though we didn't have much sun when we were there,
the views were gorgeous and our stay was immensely enjoyable.
more flowers
Who needs direct sunlight with THIS MUCH color around?
yellow ginger
I don't know plant names very well - this seems to be some sort of yellow ginger.
hazy trees
Although it looks as if it's raining in this picture,
that's just what these pine trees looked like.
Kind of outclasses a weeping willow, eh?
More views of the grounds.
Koele the cat
One of my favorite things about this hotel (and Erika's)...
Koele the Cat!
colorful hawaiian quilt pattern pillow
A fine example of a hawaiian quilt pattern pillow.
A local church/chapel on the grounds of the hotel.
fireplace in lobby
Erika Bunny and Kaz enjoy the fireplace.
lobby/great room
Same fireplace, different view.
Notice the 'bed' on the right of the fireplace.
The small greenish square above the bed on the wall is a reading light.
Was a scrumptious place to curl up with a book. There was one of these areas on either side of both fireplaces.
Lodge Chandelier
Another example of the elaborate chandeliers (and general room decor) at Koele Lodge.
purple tulips
Purple tulips. I LOVE tulips!
library lighting
Chandelier in the library.
Erika using the library
Erika using the library. As she says...
"Reading is a TRADITION in our family."
sleeping erika
Erika and her bunny Dora sleep on the window seat.
pony ride
Erika gets ready for her pony ride.
pony ride
Doug watches Erika get on the pony.
pony ride
riding more
smiling and riding
Weather conditions cancelled Erika's ride... but our last morning they rescheduled... and now it's all smiles!
almost done
I think his name was Dave, and I forget the name of the horse.
dave, horse and Erika
must brush
If you're gonna ride, ya have to do the work, too!
Erika with the sign pillow and Koele
A purr-fect end.