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Milk Chocolate phones home.

Have you ever seen that commercial where the little girl packs her favorite
stuffed animal into Daddy's bags when he's about to leave on a trip?
And he takes the stuffed animal everywhere with him on his business trip
and takes photos of it while he's traveling and sends them to his daughter?
The last picture is of the stuffed animal in front of their house, and the
little girl sees it and runs outside to hug her daddy and stuffed animal.

(Click here to see a web page about the commercial, the ad is included. And don't forget to appreciate the brilliance in the 'background' of this ad, where the graduated bars are in almost every shot, from the palm trees behind their house, to the buildings outside the taxi, to
the playground equipment and more. Have fun!)

Well, inspired by that, Erika asked Doug to take "Milk Chocolate", a puppet
that Erika made in Girl Scouts awhile back, and to take the camera, and
email us pictures from the trip.
He did, and the results were so cute I decided to share.

Milk Chocolate and Daddy go to Connecticut 
airport shuttle Milk Chocolate hides in the
shadows of the Airport Shuttle Bus.
Shiny paws? Milk Chocolate, bad dog!
Can't you read the sign?
And anyway, you don't have
any shoes to shine.
Milk Chocolate with McCain Milk Chocolate hangs with
John McCain at the airport.
Milk Chocolate with Obama What luck! The presidential
candidates must be heading
for a debate, or something.
Milk Chocolate gets a picture
with Barack Obama, too.
Waiting at the airport Milk Chocolate is
ready to board the
plane. He's got his
ticket and his
carry on handy.
On the plane "Really, I've buckled my
seat belt, I promise!"
Porch Swing "Ahhh, it's so nice to relax
after flying."
Milk Chocolate enjoys the
porch swing at Doug's parent's
Squirrel! Milk Chocolate chases a
squirrel up a tree.
So much for relaxing!
car ride Milk Chocolate, like most dogs,
enjoys a ride in the car.
Robby Milk Chocolate helps
Doug's brother, Bob,
make dinner.
Cousins and cat Erika's cousins, and their
cat, pose with Milk Chocolate.

"Ow, hey! I'm a *DOG*.
Get that cat OFF me!"

(Happy Birthday, Sullivan!)
more cousin time Milk Chocolate and Erika's
cousin Maggie.

"Thanks for saving me from
that cat!"
at The Fish Tale Day 2
Dinner at "The Fish Tale"
door at home After a full day of running
around to visit more family,
'home' at last, at Doug's
parent's house.