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Molokai 2005
Erika on SW shore
Erika on the south shore of Molokai.
Hawaii (The Big Island) looms in the background.
Erika and rental car on SW shore
Erika and our rental car.
Doug's asleep inside.
view on SW shore
A beach on the SW shore of Molokai.
another view
Perhaps Erika thinks she's a pirate? Holding a spyglass?
from our room
If you stood on the lanai and looked left a little,
this was your view. The golf cart 'garage' and the
golf course.
view from our room looking right
From our lanai, looking right.
our room
Erika in the living room. It also had one bedroom.
The couch pulled out for Erika's bed.
our room - kitchen
View from living room into kitchen area.
dark picture towards lanai
Living room view, looking out onto lanai and golf course beyond.
Erika on the couch/bed.
one of several ocean sunset shots
The view straight out from our room. Lovely!
more view
Hula the horse and Erika
Hula the horse and Erika
Sugar press
Kaz with an old sugar press at 'The Molokai Museum"
Also known as the Moloka‘i Museum and Cultural Center,
this place gives a fascinating overview of the whole island,
from how to process sugar cane to Fr. Damien and the leper colony.
Erika and Kaz at the sugar press
Kaz looks up at Erika from the sugar press.
Erika pretends to be one of the animals that powered the press.
(No, they didn't use bunnies!)
at the museum
An outbuilding at the museum.
Two spiders in the doorway, one top center,
a smaller one bottom left - both with bright yellow bodies.
The hinge is slightly bigger than a normal door hinge
 to give you a sense of scale.
Machinery in the museum.
more machinery
A lima bean shucker.
coconut grove
A coconut grove, part of a beach park.
close-up of grove
Closer shot of the coconut grove.
Kite store
Doug and Erika outside The Big Wind Kite Factory
at Maunaloa, Molokai.
Erika's wearing bunny ears because we went near Easter.
a stop sign
A unique 'stop' sign at The Lodge at Molokai Ranch.
town near Molokai Ranch
Some town buildings near Molokai Ranch.
We found the general store there handy, as well as the luxurious
 Paniolo Lounge (restaurant) at The Lodge.
Erika and Kaz on NW shore of Molokai.
NW shore
NW shore looking roughly east.
One of several beautiful flower shots Kaz enjoyed taking.
red hibiscus
This was Kaz's computer wallpaper for quite awhile. A red hibiscus.
more flowers
More hibiscus.

sunset sunset sunset more sunset

more Gooberyness
Erika jump-roping at sunset.
Goober at Sunset
Yes, those are long, fleece pajamas.
Yes, we think she's crazy too.
more jump roping
Erika in action!
sign at our lodgings
The Erika Bunny poses by the sign where we stayed.
Plumeria field  more plumeria field
One of Kaz's favorite sights - plumeria! I imagine this field helps keep Hawaii in lei.
Erika, Father Damien statue, Kaz
Erika and Kaz pose with a statue of Father Damien at St. Joseph's church.
Kalaupapa sign
Kalaupapa sign. Click on picture to see full sized image
 to read about the leper colony location.
peninsula from overlook
The peninsula that housed the leper colony.
another view
Another view of the peninsula.
The cliffs that made the peninsula so remote.
Phallic Rock near the overlook.
rock again
Different view of Phallic Rock.

inside of church
Inside one of the churches that Father Damien built on Molokai, St Joseph's.
outside of church
Outside the church that has the Father Damien statue pictured previously.
Erika with church sign
A second Father Damien church - Erika with the sign.
outsdie Our Lady of Seven Sorrows
Outside of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows.
End of Molokai pictures.