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Trip to Shenandoah National Park - Fall 2006
Erika with SNP sign
Kat was asleep in the car, so
Erika got to do the
'sign picture' alone.
Foggy conditions
An overlook at the north end of the park, probably Jenkins Gap.
When we arrived at the
North end of
Shenandoah National Park,
signs warned us that conditions
were a bit foggy,
but that further into the park
and the day, it
would improve.
more fog
More fog...
but you can still see
the valley, and a
bit of the Fall color
in the trees.
another overlook
Doug, Erika and Kat
at our picnic place,
just past the Dickey Ridge Visitor Center.
more picnic
Kat, Doug, Erika
and Amelia,
picnicking at
Shenandoah National Park.
Can you dig
Erika's pink boots?
pink leaves
Virtually ever color was
represented in the park.
The tree in the center
looked pink to us.
Fog, foliage and fields.
overlook and sign
Still foggy,
but quite pretty.
Probaby around Thorton Hollow.
Things started to clear up.
us at the AT!
All of us at an AT
(Appalacian Trail)
How exciting!
I hope one day we'll hike
parts of it.
We walked maybe 30 yards
on the AT, and
immediately found these blueberries.
cloudy mountain
A cloudy tendril touches the hills.
They say it's pollution.
Overlooking the
Smoky Mountain/Blue Ridge
Mountain areas.
cloudy overlook
We are ABOVE the
clouds now!
Those 3 at Limberlost Trail
Kat, all bundled up,
with Doug and Erika
at Limberlost Trail.
Limberlost is stroller-friendly,
and the only ADA accessible
trail in the Park.
It was maybe 55 degrees.
great color!
Some fabulous Fall color.
On Limberlost Trail. Or rather, just off Limberlost Trail.
On the right, orange mushrooms
and/or fungii.
Center, pretty red and yellow
maple leaf.
more color
Pumpkin Orange
I wonder if it
only appears in
more Limberlost Trail
Erika on the Limberlost Trail.
One of 2 deer we saw
while on
Limberlost Trail.
This deer is in the center
of the picture,
head down, eating.
deer Same deer as above,
a few moments later,
head up.
Some colorful leaves
on Limberlost Trail.
more deer
Deer eating at the side of
the road,
on our way to
Big Meadows -
and area at about
mile 50, approximately
halfway through
the Park.
Big Meadows Lodge
Just off the lobby at
Big Meadows Lodge.
Erika in in the center,
trying to tie her boots.
This is where we waited
before dinner.
us at dinner
Erika, Kaz and Kat
at dinner at
Big Meadows Lodge.
Dinner was very yummy!
And very welcome after
a day in the park.
Even our short hike
increased our appetite
and enjoyment of
Skyline Drive
Some foliage
Skyline Drive,
the 105 mile road
that  runs through
Shenandoah National Park.
birds in flight
Probaby around Eaton Hallow Overlook.
Birds wheel in the distance
at this overlook.
Slighty better view
of the birds.
Around Two Mile Run
Very distinctive land
pretty overlook
A little hamlet to the
east of the Park.
Probably taken
from Ivy Creek Overlook.
Some pretty flowers
at one of the
A rainbow of colors
in the trees!
at Loft Mountain
Where we stopped for lunch.
Kat and Erika are to
the right of the sign.
Look closely.
there they are!
It's the amazing
floating baby
and her big sister!
funny bumper sticker
It says "If you can read this roll me over!"
I didn't even
notice the license plate
when I took this
the bumper sticker
had all my attention!

last look
An overlook at the southern
end of the Park.
Probaby around
Beagle Gap.
Well folks, that's our trip to Shenandoah National Park.
I hope you enjoyed it.
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