Family Timeline
1988 Kaz and Doug get married

Mr and Mrs
      and buy first car,  mini license plate "George"                   George and Doug at Mt Rushmore, 1990
Spring 1988 we move from NY to FL. 
  Fall 1988 we move from FL to NY.
Spring 1989 we move from NY  to CT.
   Fall 1989 we move from CT to VA.    Doug and Kaz in VA 1989
Early 1990 we  move from VA to WA
enjoyed great cross country drive on the way.
Doug at field/farmhouse from movie "Field of Dreams" Doug at the Field of Dreams
Spring 1992 Kaz graduates from Olympic College. 
                 Kaz in cap and gown
1992 Kaz and Doug adopt stray cat, "Little Bear"
Little Bear changes the channel
1993 Kaz and Doug buy a second car,  mini license plate "Shannon"
Spring 1993 Kaz and her sister drive "George" cross country to NY.   Summer 1993 Doug, Kaz and Little Bear drive from WA to NY via San Diego.
1995 Doug and Kaz move from NY to CT.
  1997 we move from an apartment in CT to a house in CT.
 May 1998  Erika is born in CT. Doug holding Erika
January 1999, we buy our third car, mini license plate "Noelle"
 Noelle, Doug's 1999 Honda Civic  
and George gets sold to our movers/packers.
March 1999, Erika is 10 months old and we move to NE.
Each car has a driver, 'stuff', and a 'little girl' - Erika or Little Bear
Doug gets MBA, Spring 2001
 Doug MBA grad with Kaz (and lei! Thanks Julie!)
Sept 11, 2001 US flag image Doug is in FL, comes home as soon as flights are restored . RIP Ron Vauk
February, 2002 we move to Hawaii (Oahu)
 Erika and Kaz's shirt on plane moving to Hawaii
January, 2003 we take our first cruise.
 Doug and Kaz with Captain of our cruise ship
Before we left Hawaii, we managed to visit all 6 'main' Hawaiian islands.
 Kauai   Molokai   Maui   Hawaii  Lanai  Oahu
Doug goes househunting and buys our 4th car, mini license plate, "Amelia"
and Shannon is sold to friends before we leave Hawaii .
July 2005, moved to the DC area.

July 2006 we await the arrival of "Pat", due 25 July
VA family portrait
Early Kat picKat is born! 03 August 2006
Erika meets Kat
April 2007 our first family trip to Walt Disney World
Us 4 at Epcot
Us 4 in front of our house
July 2007
Doug retires from the Navy and we BUY OUR FIRST HOUSE!
August 2010  Doug buys a new car.
Doug's new car
Spit Fyre, Doug and Kat
September 2010   Kaz has brain surgery for a pituitary adenoma... is successful and has follow-up radiation treatment in December.        The gamma knife bubble
 June 2011 Doug and Erika take a once in a lifetime kind of trip to Boston, A visit to the field during batting practice
to see the Red Sox play at Fenway, from their seats on the Green Monster.
July 2012 we have our geothermal system installed, along with a tankless water heater.
More to come ( more pictures and text to be posted 'soon')