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The Kids
Signs Hot Air Balloon Festival
Iowa, 2001
Dutch Ohana Family Timeline Tulip Festival

Mall of America trip

A story about a travelling nightmare 
(no pictures)
Page from move TO Hawaii

Hawaii Volcano Trip  January 2003
Hawaiian Flora and Fauna near our house Kauai trip Molokai trip 2005
Lanai trip 2005
Spring 2006 Cherry Blossom Festival
Washington, DC
Summer 2006 family portraits
Jack-O-Lanterns       Halloween Costumes
Erika Donates to Locks of Love Oahu
Christmas Shenandoah 2006 text
Shenandoah 2006 pics
Christmas Kazettes
Disney Trip 2007
2007 RPI Reunion
Our house!   ... and the hotel before
Summer 2007
Shenandoah 2007
Fall 2007
Woodworking projects 2008 Cherry Blossom Festival
at night

Spring and Summer 2008
mostly random pics
Tie-dye bread
32 hours in Baltimore, MD
Fall 2008 A Jeffersonian Spring Break 2009 A Blizzard Worth Blogging About! 2009

*Another* Blizzard Worth Blogging About - 2010
 Spring Break 2010 in Pigeon Forge Spring Break 2012 near VA Beach
 (coming soon)
Spring Break 2013 in and around Pittsburgh, PA
(Coming Soon)
2012 Geothermal Install