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32 Hours in Baltimore

We went to the Aquarium, the Science Museum, explored the Inner Harbor, ate a few meals,
Doug and Erika saw the Red Sox play, Erika got a "Phelps Phan" t-shirt...
We toured a sailing ship, Doug, Erika and Kat rode a carousel and Kaz and Erika got to ride on Segways.
See below for pictures and more details.

Crab sign
This is a great opening shot - not only is Kaz known for
'being crabby', but Baltimore is
also known as a 'crabby place', so to speak.
baseball sign - taken by Erika
Who knew the United Methodists had
such a great sense of humor?
dinosaur with Kat and Doug
A backpacked Kat and Doug are loomed over by a dinosaur skeleton at the Maryland Science Museum.
Kat ladybug
Kat tries out a ladybug costume in the
little kids section of the Science Museum.
Archeologist Erika
Erika tries her hand at archeologist work.
Dinosaur nest
Phew, that fossil brushing is sure tiring work! Erika takes
a nap in a dinosaur nest. 
.view from inside the science museum
View of the Inner Harbor (looking across to the Aquarium) from
the Science Museum.
Kat, Doug and Erika, sculpture, harbor
Kat, Doug and Erika out in front of the Science Museum,
sculpture and Inner Harbor in background.
Game view - photo from Erika's camera
Doug and Eirka had some pretty good seats, even if they
were a bit high up.
Sea dragons - photo by Erika
While Doug and Erika were at the Red Sox game, Kat and Kaz
enjoyed the Inner Harbor. Kaz was particularly enthralled
with these dragon boats.
Day 2 - aquarium
Beginning of Day 2 - just shy of 24 hours since arriving in Baltimore.
Kat and Doug look around while waiting for the Dolphin Show
to start at the National Aquarium.
Dolphin show area
A dolphin emerges from the water (on right)
during the Dolphin Show.
Frog! - picture by Erika
That green and brown striped thing is a frog. You can kind of make out the bumps that are his eyes. It was huge and flat and probably about as big as a lunch plate.  Kat seems to like frogs so it was kinda neat that the Aquarium was featuring an exhibit on frogs when we were there.
Kat and turtle
This is sort of an odd picture, but I like it. You can see Kat's
arm, and her reflection, as she reaches out to the turtle behind
the glass. It's practically an E.T. moment.

Kaz tries out a Segway! $7 for 10 minutes.
It was fun and I'd love to own one.  ($5000, yipes!)
Kaz does the Segway try-it at the Baltimore Science Museum
You had to stay in the immediate area, but this riding zone for the
"try a Segway" at the Science Museum was plenty big enough.
Erika on a Segway
Erika got to try the Segway too. You had to be older than 8.
I looked up Segway tours when we got home, because I've seen them in various cities... all of them said you had to be at least
14, and 16 in some places, so I feel even luckier that Erika
got to try this out. She enjoyed it.
Happy Segway rider Erika
One Happy Segway Rider.
Carousel near Science Museum
Kat rides a dog on the Baltimore Inner Harbor Carousel.
Erika looks everywhere but at the camera.
Yeah, Erika's face on the carousel
OK, I can kind of see Erika's face.
Kat started out unhappy and crying, but ended the ride
smiling and happy.
Work, don't play
Erika does some work on the USS Constellation, the last all-sail ship built by the Navy, and last Civil War vessel afloat.
more work
More work on the USS Constellation. Visitors were taught how
to use the capstan (black thing in the middle) to raise a barrel,
an example of how they moved heavy cargo on and off the ship.
Our waiter at Uno's
Our waiter for our last meal in Baltimore. He was great! (and he said he knew Michael Phelps when Michael was a kid. - keying on Erika's shirt that said "Phelps Phan".)

We decided to get dinner after our exhausting day of seeing the Aquarium, trying out Segways, doing the carousel, and touring
the Constellation... plus it was about 6 pm and we wanted to
make sure we didn't get caught in any rush hour traffic.

We all had a delicious meal - except Kat. She was fussy the last hour or two before we hit the restaurant, but settled down OK when we put her in the high chair. After about 20 minutes, while we waited for our food, Kat suddenly clamoured for me to hug her. I pulled her high chair over to my seat and obliged... she buried her head in my embrace and took 3 deep breaths... with each one I could feel her body relaxing. When she finished the third breath, she was asleep!
Luckily my dinner didn't need fork & knife (two hands) so I picked her up and she slept quite happily and thoroughly on my shoulder through most of my meal. Doug took her when he finished his food, and when she eventually woke up she had 2 pieces of pizza (kid sized) and a bunch of whatever was left on our plates. She's a good eater!
Then we hopped in our car (Inner Harbor parking with Aquarium coupon... cheapest way to go!) and made our way home. No big traffic problems, and we were all happy and tired when we got home. Very tired.
phelps phan tshirt