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Blizzard 2009
 Worst storm in the DC area in at least a decade.
I couldn't have been happier!
We had nowhere we had to be, most of the Christmas shopping was done,
and when it was all over, it canceled the last 1/2 week of school for Erika
so that her Christmas Break just started a little early - with the fun of having
Snow Days, too!

Storm begins Friday night The storm began Friday night.
It was NOT a surprise,
the storm had been forecast for
Which doesn't explain why I hadn't
gone grocery shopping beforehand.
This was the scene around midnight.
Same view as above, next morning. Same view as above, the next morning.
It's still snowing like crazy and it's supposed
to keep snowing all day!
Final fall total - quite high After all the snow and wind,
the sun eventually came out
and here's what our back deck
looked like.
We had about 16 inches fall,
but as you can see, the wind
made some pretty deep drifts.
Drift from our kitchen window - about 2 ft high Here's a shot of the snowdrift
through our kitchen window
overlooking the back deck.
That snow pressed up against the window
is drifted between 3 and 4 feet high!
Inside the pink archway
(window of Kat's playhouse)
you may be able to make out
some snow covered firewood.
I had put it there since it was
semi-covered and hoped we
could access it during/after the storm.
The drift between our backdoor and it,
though, was almost 4 feet high. It
didn't melt enough to get through
'til almost 3 weeks later!
Our bench swing - back deck. Covered in snow. A look at our 3 person bench swing on the
back deck. There's a small ride-on toy
in the seat, you can kind of see the
green handlebar poking out in
the seat area.
Pumpkin in the snow Ok, so maybe it was time to bring
in the Halloween decorations.
(Pumpkin in the snow!)
View of the snowfall from our front door View from our front door.
Kat, bundled up for outdoor snow adventures! Kat, bundled up,
ready to check out that snow!
View of our house in the snow, from the driveway Our house in the snow.
Our house in the snow, taken from the street Our house and windmill in the snow.
Another shot of our house in the snow; Blizzard 09 Our house, windmill
and well (kind of)
in the snow.
It was still snowing at this point.
Shoveling the next day After it has stopped snowing,
we all went out to shovel.
It was a difficult task!
Thanks goodness Doug had gone out a
few times during the storm to shovel,
or it would have been and even harder
Kat, as usual, insisted on helping!
The end of our driveway is actually at the
bottom of this picture. We had to continue
shoveling out into the street to get to where
the first plow came through. The 'real' plow
didn't come for another day or two.
Blazing Blizzard Fire The perfect way to end a
day of playing/working
in the snow.