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The Blizzard of 2010

and here I thought when I made my Blizzard of 2009 page that I'd only have one storm to talk about on here this winter. 

We all looked forward to this storm. We had enough warning they we were well prepared.
Here's a shot of the girls out in the thick of it. At this point it had been snowing for about 29 hours and there was about
20 inches of snow.
Kari, Kelly, Erika and Kat play in the still falling snow
Absolutely awesome picture taken by our neighbor, Nick W.
His girls are on the left, Kari and Kelly - next to them is Erika
and Kat is sitting in a red plastic sled at their feet.
Time lapse of the storms progress on our back deck
Photos I took from the same vantage point throughout the storm.
As you can see we started with a few inches already out there.
As the storm progressed, I got into the spirit of things.         Kaz in a snowflake headband
Periodically, Doug and/or I went out to shovel. Doug shoveling on Saturday
After each of us had been out once or twice, we took this reading in our driveway. measuring stick showing over 20 inches of accumulated snow  Yep, over 20 inches!
Eventually, with help from Erika and the sun, we got it to look like this ---------------> Pretty clear driveway
I think the fact that Erika is currently in rehearsal for the play "Suessical Jr." somehow influenced the way the storm hit our pine trees! Suessical Trees
 We've often been sad that there are no good places to go sledding nearby (walking distance). Well, with this storm we just made our own hill!  This is about 1/3 of the snow that got plowed in our cul-de-sac - and was deposited on our front lawn. At it's highest point it's about 6 feet tall!  Seen here are Kari, our neighbor, and Erika, who's getting ready to slide down our manmade hill. Kari and Erika go sledding on the plow mound
Kat gets ready to slide down the smaller slide
that I made for her.
She didn't like it much, and afterwards
said she'd rather help me shovel.
Little Kat slide
Erika and her friends used their sleds to make forts for a snowball fight! Snowball fight fort
A shot of our house after the storm. Our driveway is actually clear, it's just hidden behind the snowplow mound to the right of our driveway. The mound to the left has the sledding hill from above (you can just see it at the edge of the picture). Our house in the snow
Well, that's the Blizzard of early February, 2010.  A few days later another snowfall was expected to add several more inches to the 26 or so this storm dumped on us.  I love snow so I'm in hog heaven.  If only I could get to more firewood - it's all buried in our backyard!