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balloon ride
Doug and Erika enjoy
the Balloon Ride.
Doug and Erika
on the kid
roller coaster.
(Doug's the one in
they yellow tshirt.)
roller coaster
Snoopy with Erika and Doug
Snoopy shares a
yummy chocolate chip cookie
with Erika
and Doug.
Cookie time for Kaz
and Erika!
Snoopy with Kaz and Erika
Doug on a roller coaster
Doug in motion!
Erika in front of the
Kite Eating Tree ride.
Yes, she's on a leash.
Believe me, it was necessary!
Way cool Paul Bunyan Flume Ride.
This was Erika's favorite.
We rode it SEVEN times!
red baron again
red baron
The End!

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