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Christmas Memories
Erika's first Christmas
Erika's first Christmas
1998 in CT
2000 tree topping
Erika and Doug top the tree in Nebraska
first santa
Erika gets a gift from Santa.
It's the first time she's braves his lap.
2001 at Miss Cindy's preschool
Erika with a plastic snowman
tree topper 2001
Erika tops the tree
Christmas on the beach 2002
Christmas in Hawaii 2002
star for tree 2002
Preparing to top the tree 2002
Bulldog and Erika, Christmas Talk Story 03
Bulldog and Erika
HTY "Christmas Talk Story" 2003
Hawaiian Santa
Hawaiian Santa wears shorts! 2004
Light Parade 04
A float from the 2004 Honolulu Christmas Parade
Shaka Claus' 04
Shaka Santa, Mrs Claus, Kaz and Erika '04
Kaz and Erika in front of tree, 2004
Kaz and Erika in front of tree, 2004
our tree 2005
Our tree, 2005
Gingerbread house creation at Manhertz's 2005
Making gingerbread houses with Amie, Rachel, Maddy and Sophie
Erika and Kat with Santa 2006
The first "Sisters Christmas"
2006 - Ft Belvoir, VA

December 2007
"The Santa Train"
Waiting for Santa to visit with us on the train.
Kat and Kaz (light hat!) on the Santa train
Kat is sssoo bored with
Mom (Kaz) being WIERD!
Kaz really likes all her holiday hats, though.
This one needs some TLC, it's
SUPPOSED to be holiday lights.
on the Santa Train
On the Santa Train, December 2007
more Santa train, Kat not so happy
A more typical 'baby on Santa's lap' face from Kat
on the Santa Train, 2007
decorating the tree, 2007
Erika decorating the tree, 2007
Kat in her 'hex', watching.
We went to a tree farm in MD
to get our tree this year, same as last.
They don't grow Douglas Firs near us.
traditional topping the tree pic '07
Erika and Doug putting the star on the tree.
This is Erika's last year to do this - from now
on she'll have to share this duty!
More Christmas Headgear
2008 - Kaz and Kat, with Christmas Lights and Antlers, waiting for the start of the "Trout Fishing in America" concert.
One more year topping the tree
Erika tops the tree ONE MORE YEAR.
Erika performing her part of "The Night Before Christmas"
Erika at her 5th Grade Class Party - Performing her part of "The Night Before Christmas" ("His droll little mouth...")
Chocolate Gingerbread House
Picture by Erika
The Chocolate Gingerbread House
that Erika and I made for a neighborhood Christmas party.
I don't know, can we say chocolate gingerbread? I mean, it's
not gingerbread, it's chocolate... but hopefully you know what I mean.
Kat (sort of) sitting on Santa's lap
Well, at least she isn't crying!   Christmas Eve Party at our neighbor's house.
Erika tops the real tree, 2009
Erika puts the star on our MD Douglas Fir
Kat tops the artificial tree - 2009
Kat is 3 years old and this is her first offical tree topping.
We put up both a real and artificial tree so each girl got
to help Daddy put the topper on.
Awesome portrait of the girls - Doug made the frame
My awesome Christmas present 2009
Doug had the portrait done from pictures
and then handmade the frame.
I don't usually show (off) presents, but this one
is worth violating that rule.