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Fall 2007
Some pictures from September to November

It was great watching our backyard

go from this...




dining room before
I've also been looking forward to doing some before and after pics of the house.
dining room after

Here's one of the dining room!
REI climbing
Erika continued her semi-weekly indoor rock climbing at REI.
She has graduated to the intermediate walls.
Kat and mouse
Kat is more concerned with things on the ground,
especially anything electronic.
Here, Kat plays with a mouse.  
read about the red sox
Here's Kat 'reading' about the Red Sox.
stand up for Halloween
And here is Kat in her Hex (what we call her 6 sided playpen/playyard)
doing a gret job standing up. She's been working hard on standing
and walking all fall!
Erika at Fall Fest
Here's Erika dressed for her school's
Fall Fest. They had a farm/harvest theme.
Kat asleep at Fall Fest
Here's Kat 'enjoying' Fall Fest.
really enjoying Fall Fest
OK, here's Kat and Daddy *REALLY* enjoyed Fall Fest!   Wheee!
cool light up ghost on our placemat
This awesome light up ghost appeared with a
"Boo Bag"
on our front doorstep in October.
He's pictured here with our Halloween placemat. Such Fun!
fun Cheshire Kat
Did someone say fun? Here's Kat trying on her Halloween costume.
What's more fun than a Cheshire Kat?
Kat and Doug in costume
Yep, there was a theme for our costumes this year.
Here's the Cheshire Kat with The White Rabbit.
    "I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!"
Family in costume with yard art pumpkin
Here we all our (picure taken by Neighbor Nick!)
Kat as the Queen of Hearts, Erika as Alice in Wonderland,
Doug as the White Rabbit and Kat as the Cheshire Cat.
We're standing next to a 'yard art' pumpkin that we made.
i can't believe she (almost) ate the whole thing!
What's better than eating a bunch of Halloween candy?
Eating PIZZA!!
Here's a slice that KAT ate... all by herself!
She is a very good eater. Good thing she has
8 teeth already - makes it easier to have
'big people food' - like this pizza.
october sunrise
And I'll wind up this page with some sky photos.
Here's a sunrise, taken from our backyard.
Autumn day moon
And here's a lovely shot of the moon, one fall afternoon.
So that's Fall 2007 in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by!