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Fall 2008

4 girls in Fall Kat and Erika sittin' in a tree
Kari and Erika Kat sliding
Kat and Kelly after the slide (pushing hair back)

All pictures above
taken by Nick W
(neighbor  extraordinaire!)

Gingerbread Haunted House
Haunted Gingerbread House. The kit was bought at Target for $10.  Erika did most of the work, Kaz helped a little.
Gingerbread Haunted House with pumpkin
Here's the gingerbread house along with the pumpkin our neighbor (extraordinaire, see above) grew in our yard. The Mountain Dew can is there to give you a sense of scale.
Our pumpkin
Here's the bottom of the pumpkin grown in our yard. It basically had a 'stem' there too. It grew laying on it's side (basically the way it's laying now) and that part is green - slightly lighter green than the green you see around the 'bottom' here. Everything else is that glorious orange, with the fun white stripes.
Wooden Jack-o-lantern
Art imitates life.
Here's the wooden jack-o-lantern we made last year. It held up well! We will probably get around to painting those corners black so that the only light you see is through the face opening.
Halloween repeats
Kat and Erika in their 2008 Halloween costumes.
Look familiar? They're both repeats.
arched cat
New decoration this year.
upper window
A silouette lit from behind in a window in our house.
(see below)
lawn skeleton
One of our creepier decorations. The hands, feet, chest and skull are all individual pieces that you stake into the ground so it looks like a skeleton is emerging from the lawn. The lights also dim-off-brighten, so as you approach you may not see it, and then all of a sudden it 'appears'- and then disappears again.
better silouette image
Better shot of the silouette - along with some stars.
Most of the decorations in our front yard this year.  The cat moves his head which startled quite a few trick or treaters!