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Our Aquarium - Spring, 2008

                          Well, it all started out with a contest at our bank.  Every month or so, they have a give-away. Sometimes it's a 'guess how many' contest; Erika loves those and if she's with us when we're banking, usually enters. She won last Fall, and got a large vat o' candy... .just what we needed after Halloween and all! ha ha.  (Well, it was mostly chocolate, so free chocolate is NEVER a bad thing!)  We had just about polished all that off when the bank had another 'guess how many' for St. Patrick's Day. Erika entered.... and won!Erika and her loot  Chocolate, mints, pencils and some decorations, all in a HUGE bowl!
                                I eyed that bowl, and thought 'wouldn't that be great for a goldfish?'  Since Erika has long wanted a new cat, and my allergies have needed a break, we've talked about maybe getting a goldfish or something. So, opportunity knocked.
We ate the candy down to the point that we could transfer it to a smaller bowl, cleaned it up, and proceeded to go fish shopping.  Coincidentally, this is the shirt Erika's fish shirt Erika wore that day!
                                         We intentionally ended our shopping day at PetSmart, where the knowledgeable and helpful staff recommended we A) don't get a goldfish for the size/shape bowl we had, and B) don't get a goldfish.  We ignored them on both points, and pretty soon we were on our way home with (drum roll please?  pdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpdpd.......) "Darter"!
Darter comes home Here he is in his new home.
He's a tiny guy, maybe
an inch long.
top view of tiny Darter
            It probably goes without saying that we ignored the PetSmart people at our peril.  Darter soon went from darting around his bowl to treading water at the bottom of the bowl.  I transferred him a few days later to a bowl with more surface area, and that seemed to help, temporarily.
Long story short, this is how we solved Darter's problem: the tank  It's Erika's birthday soon, and since this purchase was technically for her (and precipitated by her vat o' candy win!), it's become her birthday present.  The fish you can see near the H is actually on the sign, it's not a live one in the tank.
                     This time we carefully followed the advice of the PetSmart people, and did some independent research of our own. After the recommended waiting period, it was time to move Darter to his new home..... and he got some friends!
the 3 amigos  Here you can see one of 2 algae fish peeking out from under the submarine at the left of the photo..... Darter is on the right, and Summer Sanders (with orange 'bathing cap') is in the middle!
Summer Sanders  
Summer Sanders, named after the Olympic swimmer
Hush, named after the goldfish on
"The Goodnight Show" on Sprout.

                                Perhaps I'll post some more pictures later... but this is the set up for now!
BTW, Erika wants to name the algae fish "Al" and "Gee" - but that's still open to debate.   Have a great day!

Oh, almost forgot... here's a video of the tank. You can hear the filter, and see the fish swimming around.  Click here.  approx 1 min. long.

Unfortunately, the process of setting up a new tank can be very stressful on the fish, and you often lose some in the process.
Darter 04 May 2008
Summer Sanders 06 May 2008
Summer Sanders (II)  bought and died 05 July 2008
We hope to be able to get more fish when the tank is more hospitable.

Summer (II) - here and gone.  :(
summer sanders 2
Hush when we got him.
when we got Hush, he was our biggest fish, but still little
Doug thought Hush was looking a big bigger
so I decided to take a picture and compare.
Hush, about 2 months later
Yup. He's bigger!

July 18th, 2008.
Introducing, our newest fish...
Winter Waters
...since the other 2 fish of this type
were named "Summer Sanders" and they
both died, we decided to try a little
reverse psychology. Hence, meet
"Winter Waters"
Winter and Hush
Winter and Hush. It's a good thing Winter's first at that food,
as you can see that he's got a little catching up to do with Hush.
Hush follows Winter Waters
This shot gives a better view of relative size.
I liked this picture, taken looking down into the tank at
Top view, Winter and sub
Winter and our submarine.
Winter, Al and Hush
Reminds me of the saying "Hear no evil, Speak no evil, See no Evil"

Some more comparisons
Another comparison: Hush when we got him
Hush in April 2008
First comparison picture of Hush growing
Hush in July 2008  (And Al, in the right hand arch)
and growing! October 2008, about 6 months after we got Hush
Hush in October 2008

Hush and Winter in July 2008
Hush and Winter in July 2008
Hush and Winter in October 2008
Hush and Winter in October 2008

Winter Waters seems to be catching up to Hush, size-wise, but Hush is definitely getting bigger too!

We add a volcano
November 2008: we add a volcano to the tank. The extra air
and circulation should help keep the tank inhabitants happy.
Our fish check out the new volcano
Winter seems to enjoy playing in the bubbles.

Dec 09, 2008
Our algae fish, Al.
Al seemed happy and healthy right up to the end.
I was very surprised to find him at the bottom of the tank this morning.
Figuring out this fish stuff is HARD.

RIP Winter Waters   18 January 2009    Winter, we'll miss you

It's been over a year.. time to 'take the plunge' and try some new fish with Hush.  He's been alone for so long.
2 new fish
The 2 news ones are so much smaller than Hush! That's his back sticking out behind the bridge.
We're having trouble naming these guys, too.
Teeny and Tiny  - Thing 1 and Thing 2 - Pip and Squeak ?
I'll let you know when we decide.

14 February 2011   R.I.P. Hush
You were the largest goldfish I ever knew.

He lost almost all of his orange color this past year, starting from the bottom up.
These last 2 weeks he stopped eating.
(P.S.  The little ones never really got names, we use Thing 1 and Thing 2,
but also 'The Orange One' and "The White One'.)