Our trip to Hawaii and our first weeks there.

Here we are at our "Empty House Party" in Nebraska... getting in the mood, clothes-wise.

Travel pics......  above is 'before'....
Erika, the intrepid traveler here is 'during'...

And here is "after"......   after spending a few early morning watching this moonset from our hotel!
Moonset over Waikiki, approx 6 am, 28 February 2002
Gotta love those pigtails. First time Erika EVER let me do ANYTHING with her hair (and left it in all day!)

Picture above is at a park about 1 mile from our house. The day wasn't this grey but you get the idea of the formidable mountains that we have surrounding us. It's very pretty.

Front of the house. It's a pale blue, a little brighter than a slate blue.

The view from our back (porch) lanai. The cage you see is in the neighbor's yard. A very laid back dog lives in there.

An interior shot from the living room. Door on left goes out to the lanai, middle door leads into kitchen, center part is the dining room with a brand new chandelier (landlord picked it out, it's ok.) and the last door goes into the master bedroom.
And now for the before and after shot!

Wildlife found in our front lawn. This snail was bout 4 inches long!

More wildlife.... Doug in the 'outdoor' section of Little Bear's quarantine cage. Here's Erika standing on a bench in the interior of Little Bear's cage. Little Bear's carrier usually sits where she is standing and she is always in it when we come to visit. We put her up on this shelf to see if she'd like it but she didn't. There is one more shelf about midway up (the one she's on is probably 6 1/2 feet up.)

Can't you just hear that surf crashing?  Aaaahhhh....
Erika and I are adapting to island life.
Note the surfer in the background. =)
Who is Roy G Biv anyway, and why do I have to learn about him?
I had to play with this image a bit.
It's really faint, but if you look closely in the blue circle, you
may see a picture of our first HI rainbow.
Taken 09 March 02.

That's all for now!