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Halloween Costumes
Erika as Superman/Supergirl
Erika's first Halloween 1998
Pumpkin PJ's
She wore these that year too.
Oreo Eri
Oreo Erika... YUM! 1999
with Daddy
Got Milk? with Oreo Erika!
Didn't go trick or treating this year.
Was with Mom for a Reunion.
Wore a Little Red Riding Hood
costume to the Zoo.

Banana Erika
Erika as a Chiquita Banana 2001 - how ap-PEEL-ing!
Steve! From Blues Clues
Erika was Steve from Blues Clues. Here she is with Buzz Lightyear at her preschool party in 2002.
Captain Feathersword/Erika
2003  Erika as Captain Feathersword from
The Wiggles
homemade witch costume
Erika as a witch - complete with green sparkly broom and a caldron.
Stephanie's Kitty
Erika was a pink kitty, "Stephanie's Kitty" (from Lazytown)
Erika in her Snowflake costume. How COOL!   2006
Super Kat!
And here is SuperKat!
Alice in Wonderland with the Cheshire Kat  Cheshire Kat and White(Doug)Rabbit
The Cheshire Kat with Alice and the White Rabbit. 2007
Cheshire Kat w/tail  Cheshire Kat (again)
The Cheshire Kat 'walking' (cute tail!) and looking fierce. 2007
All of us in our Alice in Wonderland costumes
All of us in our Alice in Wonderland Costumes.
Kaz as the Queen of Hearts, Doug as the White Rabbit holding Kat the Cheshire Kat and Erika, the inspiration for it all, as Alice.   2007
Cheshire Kat and Hermione
Kat's Cheshire Cat costume isn't so baggy this year - must be due to her magical sister, Hermione Granger!  2008
Wicked Witch and Flying Monkey
The Wicked Witch of the West and her Flying Monkey.
Our neighbors rounded out the Oz theme with Glinda the Good Witch and