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Spring into Summer 2008

A collection of pictures from April to August.
We didn't do anything big like a trip to Disney or
go to a National Park or anything.
But I did take pictures, and I wanted to share some
of the fun ones with you.

Our tulips  We planted tulips last Fall and they looked quite nice this Spring. Night tulip
A picture of the tulips at night.  Don't ask me why.
Kat in pink dress coming down stairs Here is Kat, enjoying the learning process of walking downstairs. Kat going downstairs with video
Click on the picture to see a video of Kat's cautious climb down the stairs.  I was silly and turned the camera while filming, so you'll have to turn your head to watch. Sorry!
Girls read with Daddy
The girls spend some reading time with their daddy.
Kat reads alone
Kat reads all by herself.  OK, she looks at books and turns the pages all by herself.
First baseball game
Kat, in Doug's arms, at her first baseball game. Near home plate in the background is a bunch of people in green shirts. One of the green shirts
is on Erika, and her school chorus sang "The National Anthem" at the
game. Cool!
Kids (Erika, specifically) run the bases
After the game the kids were allowed to run the bases. Erika's in a pink rain poncho, flying along, having a great time.  There were fireworks, too!

Sister snuggle
Erika and Kat snuggle a bit at bedtime.
Neon Coca-cola
I really wanted a neon crab sign for my kitchen,
but couldn't find one that I liked.
This is a fine thing to have instead.
Kat bunny light
Ahhhh, the neon light!
Just kidding, that's sunlight
making bunny ears on Kat.
Kinda neat, huh?

Kat tentatively tries out the Slip 'N Slide.
Slip 'N Slide fun
Hey Mikey, she likes it!  Note the sunglasses held carefully in her hand.
Slip 'N Slide fun
Kat walked and crawled up and down the yellow 'lane', getting used to the spray of water. Here she is with Erika, learning not to be afraid of the water.
Action shot on Slip 'N Slide
Click on the picture to see a video of the girls in action.
Kat crawls slowly down her lane while Erika flings herself in
proper Slip 'N Slide form.
Erika slipping and sliding Action shot. And one random picture of our pumpkin plant, kindly started and transplanted to our yard by our terrific next door neighbors.
We're excited to see the results this Fall.
pumpkin plant
Here the main vine is maybe a foot and a half long. It's been about a month since we planted it and it's now at least 6 feet long!

                      Kat's new toy bin  Kat's new toy bin.
One of many.  She very much enjoys  emptying it, then filling
it again. And emptying it, and filling it.
As you might guess, this repetition often ends at the
emptying end of things.

Tie-dye fun.
Erika got to make a tie-dye shirt at her Girl Scout Camp this summer.
We had to 'finish' it at home, which was an education for me.
Really, it just involved letting it sit around for a few days, and
then rinsing, washing and drying a couple of times.
Beginning of tie-dye finishing process
Having finished the rinsing process, I start to
unravel the t-shirt.
first view of full shirt
The shirt unfurled. Pretty cool! Or should I say, "Groovy, man"?!
all set
The shirt after all the initial washing and drying.
Erika in her self-tie-dyed shirt  Erika tries on her shirt for the first time. Kat tries on the tie-dyed shirt
Kat tries on the shirt.
It's just a LITTLE big on her.
Tie-dyed somersault
A tie-dyed toddler somersault!  Too bad I don't have a video, it was hilarious!
Happy Summer everyone.
Hopefully we'll do something
'web page worthy' soon, and
then you won't have to wade through
random pictures like this.
Anyway, hope you had fun.
We did!