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Our time on Oahu

I was looking at one day, and realized I hadn't included pictures from Oahu!
I had pictures from our trips to the other Hawaiian Islands, but none from Oahu -
I guess because we LIVED there, we hadn't TRAVELED there.
So, here are some favorite pictures from our 3+ years on Oahu. We truly enjoyed living there
and would like to go back again.
fireworks on Waikiki Beach - fridays
It didn't take us long to find out that there were fireworks every Friday night,
courtesy of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
We often went down for this ~20 minute show,
and burgers at "Cheeseburger in Paradise".
It also didn't take long for us to get our first visitors.
Although we actually only had one
set of visitors stay with us,
we did have 2 sets who came within the first 3 months,
and the last set of visitors came
within weeks of our leaving Oahu.
I took this picture when Dan and Reva came to town,
and they and Erika and I went on
one of the Atlantis tour submarines.  A very cool trip!

Erika's school had a Spring performance, in which every class did a dance/hula and/or song.
As part of the ceremony, they honored all the parents and volunteers from the school who were active duty military.
Doug is near the center, in white shorts.
HTY Erika and Bulldog
Erika's class took a field trip to see the
Honolulu Theater for Youth (HTY)
production of a Dr Suess play.
Doug and I thought that sounded like fun, and got tickets
for our family shortly after.
HTY is 'da best'! We were so smitten, we bought
Season Tickets every year.
Here is Erika after one of our favorite shows,
"Christmas Talk Story", with her favorite actor,
bulldog and erika
Another picture of Bulldog and Erika.
Once upon one time
Erika after yet another HTY performance,
"Once Upon One Time";
getting autographs after the show.
rainbow at Bishop Museum
A faint rainbow off to the left, behind the stage set up for the
summer concert series at The Bishop Museum.
The museum itself is worth a visit or three, and the
summer concerts always have really great artists
(and  usually pretty good food vendors too!)
brig at aloha tower
Aloha Tower is one 'touristy' stop that can
result in a music concert, shopping, a great meal,
a view like this of the brig "Irving Johnson"
visiting Honolulu Harbor, a spectacular sunset,
a Christmas boat parade, fireworks,
The cruise ship "Queen Elizabeth II" (among others),
hula dancers, dinner cruises, and more.
ship going around the world
Also seen at Aloha Tower, a replica of a ship that
sailed around the world in the early 1500's as part of
an expedition headed by Magellan!
The Nao Victoria stopped in Hawaii on
it's tour around the world.
It was unbelievable how tiny this ship was, and that it could
successfully sail around the globe, then AND now.
flag at the Arizona Memorial
Other touristy things to do?
Visit the USS Arizona Memorial, of course.
A popular attraction; be prepared to wait.
from the Mo the the AZ
The view from the Missouri battleship in Pearl Harbor,
overlooking the Arizona Memorial.
Hey, I think I can see our house from here!
(Not really - we were off to the left.)
Santa in 2003
Like many other places, Santa arrives in a firetruck.
Erika is in the red dress.
I think she's checking to see if *WE* see Santa!
Christmas goof
Erika being a Christmas Goof.
Not to be confused with a Christmas Elf.
who needs reindeer?
Who needs reindeer?
Santa likes to give Comet, Blitzen and Rudolph a rest
when he delivers to Hawaii.
oahu view
Here's what Santa sees as he flies above the island!
That's Diamond Head crater off in the distance, left of middle.
The tall buildings to the right are Waikiki/Honolulu.
Just to the left of the center of the photo is a low, round building;
that's the Stan Sherrif Center on the campus of
The University of Hawaii.
UH swim
Did someone say University of Hawaii?
Here's our view of one of their swim meets.
UH women's soccer
Here is a University of Hawaii women's soccer game.
We went to a lot of UH sporting events;
soccer, swimming, softball, basketball - and became
BIG UH women's volleyball fans.
Great Aloha Run
Here we are before our first
"Great Aloha Run".
It's a race from Aloha Tower to Aloha Stadium,
which is just over 8 miles.
It's a great charity event. While there are many serious
competitors, there are also many entrants like us who
walk the course. We had a jogging stroller for Erika.
Our second year she walked the first and last miles.
Not bad for a 6 year old!
While we're talking about Aloha Stadium,
here's the view from Doug's seats for the NFL ProBowl.
He went all 3 years we were there, I went once, and I think
Erika went twice.
Erika and Doug at the ProBowl
Erika and Doug at the ProBowl.
Harlem Globetrotters
Erika (in green) participates with the Harlem Globetrotters!
Erika soccer playing card
Erika's soccer card.
So cool! Just like professional sports players.
Coach Michelle with Erika
Coach Michelle with Erika - gymnastics.
Island Tumblers ROCKS!
Lei Kaz made
While Erika was learning different sports, I learned how to make
ribbon lei. Here's a sampling of the 18 or so I made for
a family party.  Not as pretty as flower lei, but much longer lasting.
Our plumeria
The plumeria tree we planted in our backyard.
I just love the look and smell of this flower!
neighbor's plumeria
My neighbor's plumeria.
magenta plumeria
This plumeria was near Erika's school.
Two of my favorite things.. plumeria, and the color magenta.
java birds
Java birds at our birdfeeder.
A pineapple plant.
colorful moth
A colorful moth I found in our carport one day.
I'm not actually postive it's a moth.
It was about 3 or 4 inches at it's widest.
Chinese New Year
Erika with a dragon before a Chinese New Year celebration
in Waikiki. the red cage held fireworks.
US mainland states can't hold a candle to
Hawaii fireworks on New Year's.
No pun intended.
Waikiki Beach
Erika on Waikiki Beach.
That's right GRASS at the beach!
Erika and Kaz at Kapiolani Park
I think most visitors take pictures with this hula girl statue at Kapiolani Park.
Erika, Doug and Sierra at sea
One of my all time favorite pictues. Erika with Doug and a dog
called Sierra, aboard "Cap'n Pete's" boat - whale watching.
What a great time we had!
Erika hula
Erika, front and center, performing with her
hula class.
Mililani rainbow           
And I'll leave you with this image, a rainbow over our former neighborhood.