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We are very excited about the purchase of our first home.
We hope you enjoy the pictures, although coming to see it in person would be better!

Approaching view of house This is the view, approaching our new house.
Ours is the one on the right, with the yellow sign
on the front lawn. It's vaguely blue/grey.
Front of house A closer shot of the front of our house.
Our own American Gothic pic Well, it's not exactly American Gothic...
but it *is* us, in front of our new home on
the day of the closing.
stairs Welcome into our home!
One of the first things you will see is the
stairway to the bedroom level.
Note the attic fan in the ceiling. "Cool!"
Guest room Now that you've arrived, here is the
Guest Room.
(Yes, of course we'll be putting furniture in there.)
Master Bedroom from closet/bath We have a bit more room in our bedroom.
Here's the view from the closet/bath area.
Master Bedroom from windows Here's the opposite view of the Master Bedroom,
standing near the windows in the shot above,
looking toward the closets and then bathroom
Master Bath A stall shower and soaking tub in the
master bath.
Master Bath sinks Standing near the tub in the shot above,
looking at the double sinks and door
out to bedroom.
His regular closet (more shelves than hanging space, wierd)
 - then look right to:
Her walk-in closet.  I know, the picture doesn't
show much, but you may get the idea/contrast.
Erika's bedroom Erika's bedroom.
It's the only room in the house that's NOT
painted white. It's a sort of peachy-coral color.
View from Erika's room The view from Erika's room.
Kat's bedroom Kat's bedroom.
Both girls' bedrooms are about the same size.
Upstairs bathroom The upstairs bathroom.
It's a little small, but with the girl's so far
apart in age, we won't exactly have
2 teenagers fighting for bathroom time.
Plus, there's another bathroom in
the basement if they do 'need' their
own space.
Dining Room Time to head back downstairs
to see the dining room!
This view is from the living room.
Living Room Ok, now go into the dining room,
turn around,
and this is what you will see...
the living room.
basement - finished Go downstairs once again,
and here you see part of our
finished basement.
On the left is a built-in bench
with lids that lift to reveal storage underneath.

The real estate photos showed this all
with dark paneling. I'm a little disappointed
that they painted it all.
Under stair storage Under the basement stairs
is some nice storage.
Unfinished The unfinished part of the basement
a.k.a. Doug's Future Workshop.
The stairs lead up to a crawlspace.
Crawl space The aforementioned crawlspace.
Note the 'trolley' in the center, it's set up
on a pulley so you can get things
 from the back to the front of the
space and vice versa.
We have many plans for this space,
including perhaps giving Erika a part
of it as a 'secret room' kind of deal.
Back of house Here's a decent shot of the back of our house.
The deck is a nice size, and the chimney you
see is for a WOOD BURNING fireplace!
We were very excited to have a REAL
fireplace and not a gas one.
Front porch - side view Here's a side view of our
front porch.
It's rather narrow, but it's still
nice to have a covered porch, no
matter how small.
My parting shot is of one of our new neighbors... a bunny! bunny
Well, that's all for now - hope you enjoyed the pictures of our new house. I didn't show you all of the rooms, but they'll probably be shown in future Dutch Ohana pages... or maybe you'll get to come see them yourself.  Thanks for stopping by!