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Between our last rental house and our first purchased house, we had some time where we were 'homeless'.  OK, not really. We just lived in a hotel. Many people were shocked and incredulous when I told them we were going to live in a hotel for 3 weeks... and so I thought I'd document it.
bedroom 2
Bedroom 2 a.k.a. Erika's room
bedroom one
Bedroom 1 - 'Our room'
The bit of red under the desk
is Kat's bed.
Kat's bed
Kat's bed.
Yes, that's her sleeping,
basically falling out of it.
Silly girl.
living room
The living room
The Room
Center door is bedroom 1
Left door is bedroom 2
Barely visible door on right is bathroom
Picture is taken standing in the kitchen
and you can see the dining table.
The bathroom. A little small for 4 people,
but we survived.
A galley kitchen.
We ate all breakfasts, some lunches,
and a few dinners in the room.
It was nice to have the 2 bedrooms. On our trips this past year we've mostly had typical hotel rooms, that is, one room with 2 beds and a bathroom. That made it very difficult to do anything after the Erika went to bed around 8:30.  This set-up allowed us to watch TV, read, use the computer, get a snack, etc. Very nice... and it was only a little more than we've paid for those one-room rooms!  
Since this was an extended stay hotel geared towards business travellers, it had nice amenities like free high speed internet and free faxing. Both came in handy as we did all the paperwork to close on the house.
Their 'free' breakfast was pretty weak, packaged muffins, some fruit, apple and orange juice in bottles and some granola bars. (Coffee too, but neither of us drink coffee.)  We did like the free cookies each night, though... white chocolate macadamia nut, chocolate chip and a particularly yummy oatmeal raisin.
There was a laundry room near the hotel lobby; a buck to wash, a buck for a 1/2 hour dry and sometimes you needed two dry cycles. Still, nicer than having to haul your stuff in your car to a laundromat and sit around waiting for it - we could wait in our room!
There was also a pool and we were able to swim several times. Erika even graduated from wearing a life vest all the time to not using it at all. She still hates to get her face wet and just doggie paddles, but really likes to go in the pool now. Kat did well as long as I was the one in the pool with her. She even floated on her back in her life vest, eyes closed, looking like she was sleeping.
The hotel was also near enough to bus lines that Doug often took the bus to his last few days at work. It was also near Dulles airport and I enjoyed watching the planes land and take off. The noise was never troublesome for sleeping, although I did have a small fan in our room for white noise. I was up with Kat until 1 or 2 most nights and I didn't hear much traffic after about 12:30.
So, overall, the hotel stay was very pleasant - except for the 2+ hour blackout followed by a malfunction in the fire alarm system which cause a piercing shriek to fill our rooms for nearly 45 minutes.  Most people waited outside - I fished out some earplugs (don't ask me why I had earplugs FOR ALL OF US with me, but I did) and we covered the speakers which muffled the sound some and just waited it out.  But that just makes this story all the more fun.