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For some reason, although this was DOUG'S 20th college reunion,
most of these pictures are of Erika.

The yellow arrow is pointing to Erika,
who is using a remote control to fly the blimp in the picture.

Erika, dancing with current RPI students (and wonderful Reunion Hosts) Dennis and Liz, during our dinner cruise on the Hudson River
aboard the "Capt JP"

Erik and Kat on the top floor of the Student Union.

Kat takes a little nap on Doug in the McNeil Room.

Erika with one of the R2D2 mailboxes that are part of the 30th anniversary celebration of the debut of the movie "Star Wars".

Erika in the Lego Robotics Lab.

Erika with the Reunion check-in staff. Erika is holding a kind of yo-yo that they gave to the kids.

Us at the luau. That was fun!

Erika with a balloon palm tree at the luau. They had great decorations and good food, too! And fireworks afterwards.

Erika doing karaoke in the McNeil Room in the Student Union.

Kat and Doug enjoy poker during Casino Night.

Kat in her new RPI onesie.

A band that played while we lined up for the Parade of Classes. It was a very long parade so I have no idea if they also participated in the actual parade... we were towards the end of the parade.

Some pretty roses on campus.

You don't have to have gone to RPI to join in the fun! These wives had these great t-shirts made up "I'm with (husband's name)" and the picture is their picture from graduation.
We all had a terrific time. The food was excellent, the hosting was friendly and mostly organized, the campus looked great, all the changes were exciting.  Erika didn't think she was going to have a good time and I think wound up having the best time of us all! It was a wonderful family friendly long weekend and we're all looking forward to the next one.