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It's been awhile since I've added anything to this website, and rather than throw a few new pictures at a bunch of old pages, I thought I'd do one whole new page.
This summer has been busy, although in some respects it's been our laziest summer in a long time. We enjoyed the official start of summer, kicked off by a fun party at our former neighbor's house; their new place has a pool!
Kat enjoys Bridget's pool

Erika wrapped up her semi-weekly trips to the local REI store where she did indoor rock climbing most Wednesdays.
Belay on, climb on     getting near the top

We took a short trip in June to attend Doug's 20th college reunion.
Erika dances with Dennis and Liz
Guess who had the most fun?
Aloha wear at the RPI reunion luau
The reunion festivities included a luau (I think we were appropriately dressed, right?), fireworks, a parade,
tours, dinners, lectures, karaoke and much more.
Poker Night
Kat even sat in with Doug at the poker table for Casino Night.

Summer warmed up pretty quickly, and Erika got to enjoy her Superman Slip N Slide (with neighbor Amie) while Doug, Kat and I looked on.
slip and slide

Lil' blue eyes and Daddy during the slip and slide festivities

 Erika didn't have any organized activities once school was out, except for Girl Scout camp, which she immensely enjoyed this summer! The camp theme was "It's a Mystery to Me!" which was right up her alley, since Erika adores all things detective-related. Her group had a dog theme, which you might be able to tell from the name of her cabin.
Hound Houze

Erika's last few days at camp were the first days of our move.
We moved out of our rental house, moved into a hotel, and simultaneously put in an offer on a house.
After the movers took our stuff to their warehouse, we spent about 3 weeks in a hotel. It was actually a very nice hotel, with 2 bedrooms, but overall it was a pretty small space for 4 human beings, so of course Kat decided to 'go mobile' and really learn how to crawl.
Kat crawling at our hotel

Toward the end of our time at the hotel, Doug retired from the Navy. Here he is summing up his feelings on 20 years serving in the military. It was a very emotional day.
Retirement speech
3 days later, we closed on our first house.

It even has a windmill in the front yard! This picture only shows our neighbors' house and yard, though.
 our windmill
The windmill needs a little TLC.  Luckily, our house has room for a workroom/woodshop for Doug and he's looking forward to this project!

The end of July and most of August were brutally hot. One day, shortly after closing on our house, Erika was playing in the sprinkler when we heard some music. Could it be? Really?!
Yes!! An ice cream truck came down our street. Whoo hoo!
An ice cream truck pulls up in front of our house.

At the beginning of August, Kat turned one year old, and enjoyed a celebratory cupcake.
Kat holds a cupcake
A few days after that, the movers dropped off our stuff. Let the unpacking begin!
Kat in dining room packing paper avalanche
Wow, all that unpacking just wore Kat out!
Kat naps in the rainbow beanbag chair
We'll get through all the hard work... all we need is love:
Sister hug in a heart

The last days in August, Kat started climbing the stairs - with a little help and safety spotting from Erika.
Erika watches over Kat climbing the stairs
Kat *can* make it up all by herself, but prefers to have a helping hand.
I'll close out this tale of summer with Erika's congratulatory hug for her little hardworking sister.
a hug on the stairs