Our Trip to Hawaii (The Big Island) - Volcanoes National Park  2003
Erika at Rainbow Falls
Erika at Rainbow Falls
Erika in front of a lava tree
Erika next to a Lava Tree (they are formed when lava overcomes a tree; it cools and retains the shape.)
Cabin at KMC
The fireplace in the living room of our AWESOME cabin at KMC (Kilauea Military Camp) within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
jacuzzi tub
Our very modern tub jacuzzi. Sure felt good after all those hikes!
steam vent near cabin
The steam coming up from multiple steam vents. This field was about 300 yards from our cabin.
new lava that flowed across a street
The sign next to Erika and Doug tells you that the cooled lava you are looking at flowed across the road they are standing on on Sept. 12, 2002.
The little yellow markers are the start of the path that takes you across that lava, to a viewing area to watch the current lava flow into the ocean.
On the right edge of the picture you can see the steam cloud that's generated as the hot lava hits the cool water.
The yellow markers are reflective and MOST helpful for all who come to see the sights at night. Flashlights are a MUST!
walking on a lava field
Doug and Erika on the cooled lava. Again, notice the steam cloud on the right, and the yellow markers denoting the path.
lave meets the sea - steam
Daytime view of the steam. That jut of land is the newest flow.
black sand beach
Erika making friends on a black sand beach. I swear there's a permanent echo of her frequent introduction: "Hi, my name is Erika. Want to play with me?"
Pu'uhonua Park
entering the lava tubeDoug and Erika enter the lava tube.
ambient light lava tube picture
Doug and Erika INSIDE the lava tube. Obviously the lava is cool (and has been for a very long time.) Some of what is hanging from the roof appeared to be plant roots that have grown down from the forest above. In the upper left hand corner of this picture you can see a plant; it was growing next to each of the electric lights (one of which you can sort of see 'next' to Doug, in the lower left of the picture.) The picture's a little fuzzy as I used only ambient light and didn't have a tripod.
An example of the petroglyphs ancient Hawaiians etched into cooled lava.
lava glow in evening
Hot lava created a glow on the steam cloud as the lava enters the ocean. This was taken just before sundown.
blurry moon/lava picture
Just after sunset, the moon rose and took on the same color as the glowing steam. Once again, ambient light shot without a tripod.
cool/hot lava
On the right is some of the surface lava we got to see at night.
On the left is cooled surface lava we walked across in the daytime. See how those patterns are formed?
lava colors!
One of the things that surprised me was the variety of colors in lava.
Hawaii Volcanoes Nations Park sign
I've started collecting pictures of Erika in front of the signs for the various places we visit.

Two Bunnies and a fireplaceOur Two Bunnies enjoying the fireplace in our cabin.
huge crater
A view from an overlook into yet another crater. To give you some sense of scale, I've circled TWO people on the path (that white line going roughly left to right) across the crater floor.
pretty flower
Just a pretty picture I wanted to share. The Hawaiian vegetation, on all the islands, is spectacular. (Yeah, yeah, I don't want to hear about how it's all non-native plants.)
One last spectacular waterfall shot. It's the last thing we visited before heading to the airport.
The End of our Trip