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Erika's Desk

Erika has been using either our kitchen table, or Doug's childhood desk to
do her homework since Kindergarten.  Doug's desk is pretty small, and
Kat has now inherited it, and we want to keep the
kitchen table for, ya know, eating, so it was time to get something new for Erika.
Doug decided to build something.

After many stages and changes, we had a plan.
CAD drawing by Erika of the plan for her desk

Here's the CAD drawing Erika made of the plan for her desk.
There were minor modifications in the final build, but this
gives you a good idea of  size, scale and color.
(Ravenclaw colors, bronze and blue)

Erika at her finished desk
Here is Erika trying out her kneeler chair at her new desk!
Erika's desk - side view
Side view.  The shelves on the near side face Kat's desk, and are for
her to use.
All other parts are for Erika.
In 3 years, Erika will be off to college, and we plan to repaint it and
use it for Kat.
desk with things on it Erika's desk with things on it.  The moon and star bookends were
originally purchased and used in her nursery.
We plan to put some whiteboard surfaces on the desk surface -
for scratch work and notes/reminders.