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YARD ART - Jack-o-lantern
Now that we have a house, and a woodshop/power tools,
we can build fun stuff for display in our yard for holidays.
Our first yard art project... a plywood jack-o-lantern for the lawn.
The first cuts
The first cut(s). The jackolantern is leaning against the sheet that
will be it's 'back'.
Kat watches and salutes my efforts
Kat salutes our efforts (and watches with interest.)
The front - ORANGE!
I use florescent orange spraypaint for the front....
The back - not quite as yellow as the front is orange

and I use florescent yellow spraypaint for the back, or if
you'd rather, 'inside'.
drop cloth leftovers
Even the dropcloth is pretty!
more drop cloth leftovers
If the dropcloth looks this good, imagine how the project
will turn out. (I hope, I hope, I hope!)
Doug works on the hinges
Doug figures out how we're going to attach the hinges.
Daylight - first setting it up.
It's hinged, painted, and ready to go! I want to paint the edges
in back that are showing black, but we'll see if I get to that
before Halloween. (Only 3 more days!)
night shot
Nighttime.  I think it looks good!
It still needs a little work, but overall I think this is a successful
stab at our first yard art project.
the whole yard at night
Our 'new' pumpkin to the left, next to it our pumkin totem, an arched kitty and then projected pumpkin with leaves framing it on the right.