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The Windmill
This windmill came with our house, and when we first came to
look at the house, I commented upon seeing it, that it was a 'sign';
our family (well, Doug's) being Dutch and all.
Close inspection showed it to be in need of some TLC.
There was a broken sail, for one, which kept it from spinning in the wind.
This also contributed to a lower section on the main building being broken
and the whole thing didn't turn 360 degrees like it should.
The Windmill's rehabilitation.

Original Windmill, August 2007
Here's the original windmil, as it was when we bought the house.
Note the fact that the sails are not perpendicular (the 2 horizontal
ones in this picture look to be drooping). See also the broken
lower section, the part that's hanging down - kind of looks like
a 'walkway' around the lower part of the building.

Sails taken apart Here are the sails in our basement workshop.
You can see the missing slat in the uppermost sail,
and of course the missing sail.
top section Here is the top section, upside down.
Rebuilt and painted; front Rebuilt and repainted; side
Front and side view of it after being rebuilt and  repainted.
It still needs more work, but it's definitely better than before,
and now all parts spin and move properly.