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Halloween Jack-o-lanterns
cans we made
Cans my neighbor Bridget and I made, Oct 2005
cans lit up 2005
Cans are stacked on the left, others are the jack-o-lanterns from the same year.
Erika painted the kitty in the moon.
Jack-o-lanterns from 2001 - Bottom is a Bob and Larry (VeggieTales) design
I made up, the other two, like most of our jack-o-lanterns, are from
Pumpkin Masters.
bob and larry close-up
Bob and Larry close-up.
face close-up
One I carved for Erika's preschool at the local YMCA.
whole row
Assorted jack-o-lanterns... from 2000.
collage 2002
A collage of images from Halloween, 2002.
The "Eye's Have It" design is a Jodi Smits Anderson Original - 1998
(lower right hand one.)
statue of liberty
One of my favorites - The Statue of Liberty.
Doug carved this excellent skull jack-o-lantern.
This is a 'cheat' jack-o-lantern... made with a cookie cutter!
trick or treaters
Doug's Halloween mouth
The mouth says 'Halloween'  - this is a specialty of Doug's.
Doug's Halloween mouth daylight
The Halloween mouth one in the daylight.  So intricate!
Erika's kitty
A crouching cat by Erika 2006
another statue of liberty
from Lanterns of Liberty . com  - carved by Kaz
for Kat, by Doug
Aaawwww! Kat's first jack-o-lantern, made by her loving Daddy.  2006
the 2006 set
Our carved punpkins and permanent pumpkin totem. 2006
traditional jack-o-lantern
Our new neighborhood has an annual pumpkin carving party. How cool is that?
Here's a little pumpkin I helped one of the neighbor's kids to carve.

Erika and I made this at the neighborhood carving party.
Doug didn't get home in time from work to make the party, so Erika and Kat and I went; I helped Erika carve this one!
A dragon made by Kaz 2007
Here's a dragon jack-o-lantern,
made by me, Kaz.  2007
Now with video!
Another year, another Erika cat. Cute! 2007
2007 Erika really carved this one by herself.
She did a great job! Click here to see
a video of it with a really cool light inside.
Doug's Halloween Hound, version 2007  Halloween Hound, a little darker conditions; 2007
Doug's 'traditional' "Halloween Hound" - 2007
Same jack-o-lantern, different photo conditions.
Click here for short video.

2007 jackolanterns on Halloween
All the 2007 jack-o-lanterns. Click for short video of them.
Our 2007 Jack-o-lanterns
Our jack-o-lanterns with my can luminaries.
FAF jack-o-lantern owl
First carving of 2008
done at our neighborhood block party.
(Kat really likes owls)
electric totem with Erika's full moon witch
Our permanent electric totem with Erika's carved 'Witch in a Full Moon'
free hand face by Doug
Free hand jack-o-lantern by Doug - 2008