do logo                               Erika and/or Kat (and sometimes other folks) with signs   (in roughly chronological order)
on the Big Island
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Honolulu Christmas Card
Lanai, Lodge at Koele Arlington Cemetery
Cheeseburger in Paradise
Vaihi rocks!
our chapel
Kauai trip
Western-most Catholic Church in US
Waimaea brew pub (great chowder!)
7th bday at Chuck E Cheese
camping in Indiana - 2000
Molokai 'resort'
Father Damien church, Easter 2005
at the National Cathedral in DC
Erika's soccer team - Go Shooting Stars! '04 Erika at Shenandoah NP
The amazing floating baby and Erika at SNP
Erika and Kat at the National Zoo, Washington DC
Erika at 2007 RPI reunion
Doug Kat and Erika at the C+CC at RPI
Erika with the '87 class sign before reunion parade
Kat in backpack with RPI 87 sign
Sold sign
Skyline Caverns - Erika and Kat - and the moon!
Kat and Erika at Hershey Park, Sept 2009
Great Smokey Mountain National Park - Kat and Erika
welcome to Tennesee
Brown Tract Camping 2010
Kaz and girls at Nautilus Diner Fall 2010
Christmas Tree Farm 2010 Doug and Erika on Fenway trip - 2011
New Hampshire Camping trip 2011 school library wall 2011 - Kat
RPI spirit 2012 Making K's at Cape Henry, Spring Break 2012 Fenway Park (South)  A.K.A. Baltimore Orioles Stadium - Aug 2012, Erika, Kat and Doug
2013 Flight 93 Memorial Falling Watter near Pittsburgh, PA   Spring Break trip 2013 Gettysburg - Spring 2013   Kat and Erika
OMG!  My shoelace is untied.  Kaz at Albany Airport, Oct 2012
DC march for Equality - Erika, March 2013
@4410 - great performance space - Erika July 2013