The Christmas Kazette 1997

On the move - Well, once again, and probably to no one=s surprise, Doug and I have moved. We are still stationed in CT and only went down the road apiece when the lease on our place in Old Mystic ran out.

We are thrilled to be renting a fantastic 4 bedroom home in New London and plan to be here at least 2 more years. As always, there is plenty of room for visitors. (

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The really Big News - Yes, it=s true...I=m pregnant with Doug=s and my first child! We are expecting the little one around May 9, 1998.

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The Year in Review - We started out the year once again with some traveling...first we went to see AOnce Upon A Mattress@ starring Sarah Jessica Parker on Broadway with our friends, Will and Paulette. We had a very fun night and the best part was our garage parking cost less than my dinner! (

I also ventured to Long Island, via my favorite transport, the ferry, to visit my high school friend Jennie and her hubby Dan. I had a great time going into the city with Jen.....we even went ice skating at Rockefeller Center!!

Doug and I took advantage of Doug=s midnight to 8 am shift and signed up for an adult Sign Language class at the local high school. We learned quite a bit about sign language as well as deaf culture from our excellent teacher, Sister Esther, and by the end of the class could tell rudimentary stories to our classmates and even a joke or two. ( We had the added bonus of meeting 2 great gals in this class, who we now can call friends, Lynn and Andrea. And recently I found out that they went to college with Ellen Draegert, a fellow MHS graduate. It=s a small world out there!

The summer brought us to the annual CT family reunion held by Doug=s parents in Haddam, CT. It=s very nice that most of the family live close enough to make this possible!

The hottest weather of the summer coincided with our move from Old Mystic to New London. Tempers ran short and work was long, but with the AWESOME help of our family & friends we had a very successful move, and we couldn=t have done it without them. Thanks to you all!

I got to take a quick run up to Silver Bay to another sort of family reunion. I got to spend a few days in August with 4 generations of the Buchanan always, the swimming, the scenery, and above all the company were at the same time soothing and invigorating.

The end of summer saw the beginning of an era, as our families gathered to watch Doug=s ship, PCU (Pre Commissioning Unit) Connecticut be christened by Mrs. Rowland (the CT governor=s wife) at Electric Boat in Groton.

A short barbeque at our new house was followed by a spectacular celebration dinner at the nearby Foxwoods Casino. An impressive day all around.

Fall brought us to my second foray into ISRR RegDay, a day for all involved in the adoption triad to have a chance to reunite. Doug and I sat at the mall and handed out forms for ISRR, an international mutual consent registry that seeks to reunite any and all (adult) lost family members.  This was the 3rd year for RegDay, and already there have been reports of dozens of reunions that were a direct result of the efforts of people like us who volunteered their time.



November brought our traditional >early= Thanksgiving, once again in Haddam. Our hostess, Nancy (Doug=s mom), provided 25 of our nearest and dearest relatives with all the fixens; turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, etc. And best of all, we didn=t have to wait until the END of November for all this festivity.

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The Medical Report - 1997 brought great relief to both Doug and I.

After years of suffering with pain in the aaahhh........let=s just say sometimes sitting down wasn=t the most comfortable position, Doug had some outpatient surgery that made sitting down impossible for a few weeks. However, sitting is now a pleasure and a joy, and Doug suffers little if any pain in that area. (

I, on the other hand, after waiting several months for an appointment, finally started seeing an allergist. After 3 separate scratch tests (of about 25+ allergens each) it was positively determined that I am allergic to this planet....trees, grass, molds, you name it! And it manifests itself in the form of asthma. A rigorous treatment of inhalers and weekly injections has led to a vast improvement in my health and outlook.

Let=s hear it for modern medical science!!

On the pregnancy front, Doug is just looking forward to a time when a can of tuna fish and a can opener doesn=t qualify him as >armed and dangerous=!

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All this time we=ve been spending on the computer has yielded a surprising and wonderful result! I=ve got my own chat room and someone showed up the other night that I hadn=t seen in a while.

She told me that she had met a guy in my room, later bumped into him in a different room and struck up a conversation with him because she remembered him from my room. They have since met in person, are carrying on a relationship, and wedding bells MAY be in their future!


All together now...+ + * @Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match...@+*+ +*

I=ll let you know if we get invited to the wedding! (


Well, on that happy note, let me add that Doug and I wish you the happiest of holidays and a fantastic year! Please stay in touch, and feel free to come visit, except maybe in May...but call and ask, I might be desperate for adult companionship! (

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P.S. Doug had his 10th college reunion this year! We had a great time revisiting the school and friends and had the bonus of fellow 1987 graduate Fr. Gary as a special speaker at one of the dinners. Many thanks to the St. John=s for their hospitality. And, as always....Bring Back the Bullet! :