The Christmas Kazette

A special edition of The Kazette

Vol. 02  No. 01

December 1995

As usual, 1995 was an interesting year


Hockey highlights

Troy, NY; The 1994-95 season for RPI ended with an ECAC championship and a trip to Lake Placid.

    Among the fans that traveled up north (to watch the Engineers win the ECAC=s) were Doug & Kaz  and their trusty driver/friend/travel agent/ Marine, Major Chip Hernandez.

    In between games they managed to take in the sights; the ski jump and Whiteface Mtn. of 1980 Olympic fame, and Doug and Chip even took a ride on the bobsled run!

    If you=re ever in Lake Placid, check out the pizza at the first pizza place on the left after the ice arena (heading into town.) Sorry, can=t remember the name, but will never forget the pizza!(


A Family picnic

Haddam,CT; Friends and family gathered for the third annual AIf you are any relation to the childran of Jan & Nancy , you=re invited@ summer extravaganza.

    This year, in addition to the usual crowd, some extended family were guests too.

    Jan =s cousin from the Netherlands, Jan Hendrix, and his wife Cora were visiting the United States and made the Haddam party one of their stopping points. Their son, Hidde, who currently lives in southern NJ, was also present..

    The party was held in early August, and it lived up to the tradition of being the hottest weekend of the summer. Nancy hopes to have next year=s version earlier in the summer, the better to catch the cooler weather. To those related, look for the invites to Jan and Nancy=s Bed & Breakfast and Used Car Lot (formerly The Big Brown House in Haddam.)


European Vacation

Weert, Netherlands; Kaz was very excited to take a trip to see her college buddy, Jodi, take the plunge in early May.

The nuptials of Jodi & Maarten were performed in front of a large crowd, many of whom came from the U.S., and the celebration went long into the night.

Luckily Kaz took a few days before and after the wedding to explore Weert and some nearby towns. The highlight of her trip, after the wedding, of course, was a bike ride with Jodi, several other Americans, and Jodi=s new father-in-law, Henk, to Thorn. This trip included a stretch of bike path through Belgium and a running commentary from Henk which included local lore, native observations and a bit of history. Our bike trip also offered sights of local farms, a beautiful windmill, and the only tulip field Kaz saw on her entire trip.

The happy couple, Maarten and Jodi, later moved to the United States. They now reside in Watervliet, NY. 

Star crazy

Clifton Park, NY; Kaz & Doug are proud to announce a new addition to their family- a 90 mm refractor telescope.

Since they acquired their new eye-on-the-universe they have seen a double star in the Big Dipper, Jupiter=s moons, Saturn=s rings and the Orion Nebulae among other things. Thanks to The Nature Company=s Star Party they have become quite proficient with their telescope and, weather willing, would love to share the sky-watching experience with you.

If you are too far away or just can=t get to Doug & Kaz=s new place in Old Mystic, CT, (cont)    they urge you to look for the nearest location of The Nature Company. This store often runs free demonstra-tions including bird watching, safe eclipse watching and telescopes, just to name a few. Neato stuff!

A personal trip
Clifton Park, NY; Karolyn a.k.a.AKaz@ began a very personal search with the help of her parents, Joan & Don, her sister and her hairdresser. As of August 1995, she started to look for her bio-logical mother. It has been a slow process so far.

    Armed with all the adoption information from her parents and some moral support from her adopted sister, Kristine, Karolyn started attending meetings of a support group in New York that consists of parents and adoptees who wish to reunite with their children or parents. This is where the hairdresser, Kim, comes in. Kim had another customer who had sought out his biological parents. He attends meetings of this support group and actively pursues the changing of laws in NY state so that adoptees can have access to information about biological parents. Kim told Kaz about him and the group, and Kaz started attending meetings.

    The people she met at the meetings had an astounding success rate along with stories of both good and bad reunions. Kaz remains hopeful that she may report a happy story to you next Christmas.

A new family member
Natick, MA; On October 01 Joseph and Laura Young tied the knot. Among the attendants were Doug & Kaz , Tad  and Robert & Susan . The ceremony took place in a beautiful stone church in Natick and the reception was held at the Tara.   Laura=s cousin, Jason, regaled us with AA Whole New World@ on his saxophone and Joe=s brother, Robert, serenaded the new Mr. & Mrs. with AThe Wedding Song.@ A good time was had by all.

The honeymoon took place on Nantucket Island. Laura & Joe will be residing in Framingham, MA.

New job and address

Old Mystic, CT; Doug finished his shore tour at the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps unit at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in November and will be a student at Submarine Officer Advanced Course in Groton, CT until May 1996.

    Doug will miss teaching and will miss most of his former students, but being a student will not be new as Doug pursued a Masters of Electrical Engineering while teaching at RPI.

    After attending SOAC, Doug is slated to be the Navigator aboard the second Seawolf submarine, the USS Connecticut, SSN 22. (For those not in the Navy, SSN is Submersible Ship, Nuclear.) Doug will be helping build and launch this boat at Electric Boat, which is also located in Groton, CT.

For this reason, Doug & Kaz recently moved from Clifton Park to a beautiful house in Old Mystic, CT. They have 2 bedrooms and the second one, besides being their computer room, is also meant to be a GUEST ROOM, so feel free to come visit.