The Christmas Kazette
The Year of the Kat                                                                                                    December 2006

We got a new Kat this year.
No, that’s not a spelling   
error. I gave birth to  
Kathleen Victoria in
August, and we’re calling her Kat.
    Because pregnancy, once again,
made me sick as a dog, our family
didn’t do too much and that means
this Kazette will be shorter than
    Doug and Erika rose to the
occasion, doing a great job of taking
care of me, and taking over the
household tasks exclusively.  They
had to continue this after the baby
was born, as my second c-section
left me fairly helpless for a few
weeks.  However, I was able to
enjoy Kat’s baptism when she was 3
weeks old.
    In more church news, Erika
made her First Confession in
February and had her First
Communion in May.  Erika has made
friends with some of the high school
aged girls in our church choir by
going over to them for handshakes
and hugs during The Sign of Peace
portion of Mass.
 Erika is also in her second year
of Brownies, and her first year of
voice lessons. Erika really loves to
sing so I thought it was time she
had some formal education. It
seems to be going really well.
    Doug and Erika had some really
great adventures, including a couple
of trips to The National Zoo,
watching the Red Sox play the
Orioles in Baltimore, Hershey Park
with the Girl Scouts, and a Redskins
game courtesy of friends Matt &
Shawna.  They also saw the Harlem
Globetrotters, went to the Cherry
Blossom Festival, and we all went to
the Barnum & Bailey Circus.
    After Kat was born we took a
trip to Shenandoah National Park,
just as the leaves were changing
color. Beautiful!
    Doug will be retiring from the
Navy this coming summer, after 20
years of service, so the next few
months he’ll be busy trying to figure
out what he wants to be when he
grows up (ha ha), finding a new job,
and transitioning to civilian life.
Stay tuned for our address change,
be it near or far.
Happy Holidays!

katcave sign
Holy catastrophe, Batman - there’s a new Kat in town! But Wait, it’s not a
catastrophe at all; let me catalog the good things this means.
Categorically, Erika gets a little sister to play with, and to read to.  I dare say, one
day may be filled with ‘cat o nine tales’. But for now, Kathleen Victoria (Kat),
will just take catnaps.  She’s kind of like catnip, though, as her parents are
addicted to her sweet smiles.
Kat was born under the sign of a cat, that is, Leo the Lion on Aug 3, 2006. There
was no need for a CAT-scan, as Kat was a healthy 8.5 lbs and 21 inches.
Hopefully, Kat will be a catalyst for great things in the future, and may - who
knows? - someday even travel to the Catskill mountains or perhaps even Kathmandu.

Kat smile in papasan swing   Turkey Kat